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eScan Shares Proactive IT Security Measures Taken by Employees

By CR Team   |   Thursday, August 28, 2014
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Mumbai: eScan, an Anti-Virus & Content Security solutions provider developed and marketed by MicroWorld Technologies Inc., has emphasized on IT security awareness among employees, following eBay’s announcement of cyber attack. According to eBay, the Cyber attackers compromised a small number of employee log-in credentials, allowing unauthorized access to eBay's corporate network. However, there was no evidence to the compromise of the financial database that contains information related to personal or financial details of PayPal users, since all PayPal financial information is encrypted and stored separately on a secure network. eScan strongly believes that corporate or network security is not merely limited to devices and security experts, but with the security awareness of each employee having access to the critical resources.

eScan’s parent company MicroWorld, founded on 1993 in New Jersey, has achieved several notable certifications and awards from the most prestigious testing bodies including Virus Bulletin, ICSA and PCSL Labs among others. eScan amalgamates the power of various technologies to provide multi-level real-time protection to computers and networks. Despite the organizations’ proactive measures like installing eScan, if they don’t educate employees about the basics of security then they can’t save themselves from these attacks. Especially the online retailers are being attacked consistently for the past few months.

To prevent being victim to such attacks, eScan have shared a few best practices which are: employees have to make sure to change their account passwords at regular intervals, and they should deploy a Password Manager as they try to solve that problem by helping the organization to generate random passwords for each account. Apart from these, they should create unique passwords and enable dual-factor authentication and ensure that the antivirus and antimalware programs are regularly updated. They should always download and install updates and patches for operating systems, applications and browsers regularly. While these steps will rescue them from the hackers, it will surely increase the cyber security.

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