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Rajesh Thanua

Rajesh Thanua

Sr. Manager - IT
Carzonrent India
Brief Profile of the Company and the IT Strategies Adopted
Carzonrent India is a complete Car Rental company involve in Car Rental, Radio Taxi, Leaseing, Limo and many others. As our business is completely driven bt IT have all necessary equipment in place i.e call centers, data center, PRI, IVRS, Servers, Firewall.
Views on Emerging Technologies Like Cloud and Virtualization
As per company vision and business requirement, we will go with both the technologies because it will help us in consolidating our datacenters and maintain HA Mode on hardware and software level.
Means to Keep Informed on Neoteric(noval) Technologies
With the magazines, seminars and conferences and IT social Network ( not social sites), meeting with friends who are in good company at good positions. Also my vendor work for me a s a consultant and always educate me for new technologies.
Members Comprising Your Team
Our team has 4 application developers , 3 server admin, 1 security expert, 8 resident engineers.
Area of Concern
Downtime, performance optimization, asset tracking.
Technology as a Means to Tackle these Issues
Who else can help me other than technology, yes it will help me and I am targeting to closed this issues within this year.
IT Imperative During Slowdown
As a service industry not for us because we are technology driven organization so nothing happen.
Budget for IT Annually
We spend more than 5 Cr on IT Systems.
Expansion of IT Budget
We are trying to cut down the budget every year with the help of innovations
Views on Emerging Technologies
Virtualization / Database replication / performance.
CEO-CIO Relationship
As per CEO, CIO is the only person who can align the business growth path as per CEO vision with the help of strategic plan / Enforcement of Policies and procedures / analyzing the past records with BI.
Describe an IT Leader - Manager or Technologist First
Technologist first, other wise he can manager manpower not technology in long run.
CIO should join a company with atleast 5 years stability plan than only he can strategic plan IT Road Map for a company with vision and surely he will help to grow more than expected. Because if CIO move very frequently then company’s Vision surely hamper.
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