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Cyber Attacks Does Not Bother CIOs

By SiliconIndia   |   Saturday, February 23, 2013
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Bangalore: The exposure of State sponsored cyber attacks on corporations does not seem to worry the CIOs. The faith in cloud computing remains and it does not hamper CIOs certainty; moreover it’s pushing them to build a security system instead of pulling back from cloud. Guess the worth of cloud is way more than the threats imposed to the corporations. Clint Boulton on the wall street journal stated that CIOs will continue to invest on escalating the security system. The data is the most important cache for companies like financial services companies, for them the security of the data is in the top priority and keeping it safeguard is the main aim.

After the media outlets exposed the cybercrime initiated from China, the companies shifted their concerns over to the cyber security. The Chinese hacks targeted the media companies which initiated a wave of concern over the companies. So before the full implementation of cloud computing, the companies face a larger security issues on how to safeguard the data if the cloud is embraced.

The CIOs must evaluate the cloud vendors and check on their efficiency to protect data from the internet. These steps were taken previously by the CIOs, just to secure the cloud and the data. It can be said that they were well prepared even before the problem appeared. This sort of perceptive abilities of the CIO should be appreciated. They keep themselves well prepared to deal with any sort of crisis. The CIOs have to put the data through cloud computing for analytics. These threats are not holding them back but making them more vigilant.

In this particular genre, the predictive analysis also plays a major role and due to that reasons it’s attracting more hackers to hack the data and have an insight on the companies’ investments, sales, customer behaviors, stats, profits, history. The information if leaked can cause an outrage in the company and might create havoc. The security measures should be taken as soon as possible, as the vital information if leaked can cause other companies to benefit with the data and trends.

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