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Top 5 Priorities of CIOs

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, January 4, 2012   |    3 Comments
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A new era has dawned where the CIOs are expected to make more prudent moves with innovative strategies to grow and sustain in the changing IT market dynamics. There are some of the pressing issues that a CIO should address upon with precedence. Some of them are:

Cost Reduction

While Business process automation aids in substantial cutback on expenditure costs, it is just the tip of the iceberg as many other challenges have to be faced in these days of economic instability and times of uncertainty. The recession bug has deterred the investors to some extent, though paradoxically creating a new ray of opportunities for a perused mind. Using Cloud Computing evades the big spending on infrastructure, while reaping benefits such as disaster recovery and automatic scalability. Another way of cutting costs is to gather in-depth Business intelligence, through enhanced tracking and granting better access to user data. Furthermore, using Open source applications can be beneficial too. By delaying the upgradation process of software and hardware, using SaaS based applications and by identifying the unused software and hardware, a CIO can meet his objectives.


As the organizations grow, so are the huge chunks of business data; especially when the process or project is outsourced, they become more vulnerable to attacks and malicious activities that could compromise on the total security of the System. Using sophisticated gadgets to prevent data fraud such as surveillance cameras inside the workplace to rule out the possibility of inside threat, could be beneficial; especially in large organizations having a long hierarchical structure.

Using the latest release of antivirus programs could help defend your business data from online threats such as Spy wares, Trojans and other sly software. The latest trend among the outsourcers is they are imposing more stringent policies for verifying the employees' credit history and other background information checks; this is due to surging instances of data frauds. Earlier, they were more concerned about quality, but these factors have changed the way the outsourcers look at the businesses.


The IT has automated all the works of varied dimensions, and thereby enhancing the accountability and aids in monitoring and auditing all the activities of an organization. CIOs should possess great insights in using the right technology and aligning with the deliverable solutions of the company. It is imperative to align the technology with the goals and objectives of the organization. Enterprise solutions such as CRM and ERP come in different variants, specifically built in accordance with the company's business needs. However, external factors such as recession, mergers and other IT trends can make the solutions obsolete. Hence, brainstorming sessions among the end users and a peruse decision regarding "centralization" of business process will overcome the setbacks.

Create Agile Service Delivery Model

CIOs are quick to learn about the vantages of using SaaS (Software as a Service) and virtualization models. SaaS provided a central hosted server on a cloud or other premises with all the running business applications, while the information can be accessed through a "thin client" or terminals through the use of a web browser, thereby reducing the installation costs and resources. Furthermore, it enables the organizations to pay for only the resources to be used. The "Visualization" aids in central administrative tasks and improves scalability and handles more work loads.

Strategic Planning

CIOs' job has become so expansive in these ever changing market scenarios that lacking a long term vision for the organization would be preposterous. By, comprehensive assessing of the present financial situation of the company and comparing it with the future goals would help the CEO to bridge the gap, and thereby enabling them to make realistic and tangible strategies rather than strategy remaining just a "theoretical" notion. In addition, a strategic IT planning will equip the CEOs to handle multiple business requirements from multiple business clients in a better way.

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