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Disruptive Technology is the Key

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, June 7, 2012
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A CIO may read as ‘Chief Information Officer’ but we cannot oversee the fact that he is equally important for Infrastructure, Integration, Innovation as well as Intelligence residing within a company. And in practical terms, all these four criteria’s are associated with a new-age CIO, as rightfully observed by Constellation Research, reports R ‘Ray’ Wang.

This particular research was also conducted to identify the disruptive technologies that CIO’s meticulously observed, were imperative for an organization to not only survive but to excel in the ever changing scenario of the technological world.

The results indicate a shift away from cloud (69.6 percent -2011 to 56.4 percent -2012) and virtualization (51.9 percent -2011 to 29.6 percent – 2012) to mobile (60.2 percent -2012) and big data and analytics (48.7 percent -2012). However, these findings don’t necessarily mean ‘cloud and virtualization’ have phased out. On the contrary, these technologies are very much in practice and still sworn by the CIO’s although the priority seems to have changed to mobile application and data analytics.

The research shed light to some intriguing facts based upon which CIO’s can contemplate their future course of action which are as follows:

1)    Mobile enablement tops the list – Mobile enablement seems to be the most profitable of all the disruptive technologies. It is the future and plays a key role in shaping up the IT of an organization. CIO’s are sweating to procure necessary requirements in order to support BYOD and CoIT.
2)    Cloud is down but not out – Although there is a significant drop in Cloud application, it still plays a significant role in the IT sector as it is the second most important disruptive technology as concluded in the research.
3)    Big data and analytics storms in the third position – Big Data is the next big thing as it is verified by the stance taken by the CIO’s on ‘Lytro Approach.’
4)    Unified Communications forms the backbone – Improvement in the cost ratios has made Unified Communications accessible to CIO’s of all organizations. It has transformed from ‘want’ to ‘need’ of an organization.
5)    Social software gathering ground – There has been a credible increase in Social software, 33.4 percent from 29.11 percent as CIO’s have taken a gradual interest towards it.

The above five disruptive technologies are what innovative CIO’s have chosen to concentrate upon in order to facilitate the growth of IT and early adoption of these technologies are necessary to stay, nay, survive in the race.

In this cut-throat competition, a CIO is expected to stay on his toes and jump on every viable opportunity that is out for grabbing all the emergent technologies as this is what will finally decide the fate of an organization. Hard to believe but only the top 3 – 5 companies, that forms a meager 1 percent of the entire market segment will survive as the rest 99 percent will gradually fade away in time. Let us all wish them luck. Disruptive technology is the key. CIO needs to choose wisely!

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