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8 Resolutions for CIOs This New Year

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, February 15, 2013
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Bangalore: Welcoming the New Year, the CIOs commit to certain progressive changes to the ever-growing industry. When it comes to technology, there will be a need to constantly update. The CIO being the head of IT needs to follow some trends more religiously than others. Some few but effective resolutions are listed below:

The buzz is around cloud computing. Kara Manon on the stated that any CIO should master the cloud computing. The cloud has to be greeted with a strategic plan and applied securely. As it’s just a maturing concept, it should be dealt clearly and CIOs should have a clear understanding of its function and execution.

Be readily available to the masses and what better than the social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. These forums provide a heated ground for discussions for the CIOs of the companies as well as making it transparent for the masses. Inculcating interest amongst the public and hence a small contribution in escalating the tech-savvy lot.

Have a direct reach to the customers. This will help understanding the consumer requirements and help promote the current product or facility the industry offers.

Usage of business intelligence tools should be promoted by CIOs. These tools are way far functional, practical and kill the monotony of the day to day spreadsheets. An effective way to increase productivity.

Acquire communication skills, promote and market the value of IT. This particular sector plays a vital role but behind the curtains. If the value of IT is made more perceptible, then in the long run the value of the IT work force gains its importance as well.

Always have hunger for more. New technology, innovations, improvements in this or any field should be the best friend. This update always keeps one on their toes and all the more make it challenging, thus interesting. Never let the thirst for more die, especially when it’s something called technology.

Highlight the revenue earned by the help of direct technology staff members. Helps recognizing the worth of the task force.

CIOs should have a backup or disaster recovery plan in case of a technical error or system breakdown. The plan should be effective as well as provide a quick recovery solution for all the data involved of a company. This measure keeps the company prepared for the worst.In case the company already has one, the job of the CIO is to review it time and again and keep a constant check on the effectiveness of the program.

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