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Understanding Customer Experience

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, September 19, 2012
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Bangalore: Contemporary CIOs need to start paying heed to customer experience or CX as it is fondly called in the corporate sector, if they are planning to broaden their market trying to reach out to the target market, reports CIO.

Consumers of today are empowered with varied technologies such as the social media, comprising of Facebook and Twitter. As such, their knowledge regarding the latest trends in the market is up to date and it becomes increasingly difficult to tempt them to pursue a particular product.

In this regard, the CIOs can play a pivotal role in procuring the trust of the consumers by providing an elevated experience related to products and services. To comprehend better this very same aspect of business, let us analyze the five of the most important attributes associated with CX:

Interacting with customers- It becomes imperative for companies to keep pace with the ever changing needs of the consumers. Therefore it is essential for CIOs to acquire feedback from their customers which can only take place by informative interaction between the same.

Hiring CX executive- More and more companies have resorted to a CX executive in order to have a better understanding, related to consumer behavior. In this regard, Bruce Temkin, managing partner of the Temkin Group, a customer experience (CX) research and consulting company, states, “It's an important executive for the CIO to partner with. CIOs need to have more key players focused on understanding how customers interact with the business.”

Emphasize on analytics- Predictive analytics help to understand CX on a whole new different level. It gives a fair idea for enterprises to delve into the mindsets of the consumers, their needs and expectations and act accordingly.

User friendly Technologies- Incorporating technologies that are complex and which consumers have a hard time to decipher can result in negative CX which will eventually impact the sales of the organization.

Earn Customer loyalty- Earning customer loyalty has become one of the foremost tasks for a CIO, for building a long and fruitful relationship. Maintaining equilibrium between short term financial goals and long term customer loyalty goals will result in ROI for the corporation.

Keeping in mind the above mentioned trends will enable CIOs to build a strong foundation of CX based on which a path could be laid for a productive conduction of business.

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