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Cloud Computing To Be the Backbone Of Enterprise IT?

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, February 15, 2013
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Bangalore: By far, cloud computing seems to be the future of any enterprise IT. The organizations are imitating leaders like Amazon and Google in the buying format. The below listed points are compiled by Stephanie Overby  in ,gives us an insight on embracing cloud and directs the attention towards cost effectiveness.

1) The company buying cloud should make sure that it is purchasing public cloud and the main focus should be on its credibility, authenticity and application.  Careful selection of vendors providing the services is necessary and significant. Cloud computing functions as a self-help model for cost cutting and safeguards the business by ensuring standards in the specific cloud environment.

2)Corporate IT aims at pace; be it development, infrastructure, output or project runs. What takes importance is the server, but software its running on is left behind. The fast and responsive, swift paced development is provided by cloud. The operational firmness provided by cloud computing provides structural and speedy functioning of the organization.

3) This point focuses on the investment a company puts on cloud computing. The investment should be optimal and minimal. On this particular subject Raymond Paquet,Gartner Research states that the Google’s and Amazons of the world throw CPUs at every problem they can. Corporate IT leaders would be benefitted by keeping a check on the money invested in the computing or storage of the data.

4) The cloud provider will only consider including applications to be on their portfolio, if it assures a direct output or functionality. If you take a tour to the data centers providing cloud, virtualization is not necessarily seen. The IT sector should focus on scale out of the application and rather than investing on the infrastructure, they should invest on the application so as to improve the ability to handle the growing amount of data? in a systematic manner.

5)  The cloud providers usually hire the best and the most updated employees; especially those who already have a fair idea of cloud computing. This sort of hiring can also be done by CIOs through campus placement, as it gives an opportunity to the budding technologists to get a chance to provide their services and intelligence to the company/industry. This is important for generation of employment as well as for having an intelligent and competent work force. It would also welcome new ideas and innovation in the technology field.

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