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Must Do's for A Burgeoning CIO

By SiliconIndia   |   Saturday, February 23, 2013
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Bangalore: Embarking on the journey of a CIO? Preparing for the interview? Well besides these obvious preparations, a budding CIO would be benefitted by these useful suggestions, made by Michael Fitzgerald on information, to give that required push to the Upcoming CIOs.

Before going for the interview the candidate should do thorough homework, like going through the history of the company /organization. Have a talk with the corporate heads of the company, to know the expectations that you as a candidate are required to fulfill. It would also help you to understand the company’s position in the market. This gives a clear view of what the company demands and how you can be beneficial to the company. The main point to understand here is that, is the company also standing up to your expectations?

Once you bag the position, have a clear picture of what is mandatory. Get the important information on your desk. In short, keep the vital information handy. As the CIO, the decisions related to IT will land on your shoulder, so to avoid confusions and hasty decisions; keep yourself updated with the happenings of the company. This will be advantageous when as a CIO, the company will expect you to make an important decision without any real time for scrutiny.

The important job of a CIO is to also have a good rapport with the other executive heads like CEOs and CTOs. Avoid any conversation which revolves around them, and instead have conversations with them. These sorts of relationships always help in maintaining a level of importance and there would be less chances of getting sidelined.

Always be a team person and build a strong team. The idea here is to let the team have a level of comfort with you. This will help them in being unhesitant, and they will feel free to share their ideas. At the same time, maintain a sense of authority. Give them due credit, but keep the last decision in your bag. Another important point is to show the team the outcome upfront. This way the reaction of the team towards you will automatically be admirable. Let them show their worth and you as a CIO can project yours.These points will help the CIO succeed in a new company. A budding CIO should learn to understand, project and make decisions under pressure.

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