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Cost Effectiveness Of BYOD In Question

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, February 28, 2013
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Bangalore: Everybody has seen the worth of BYOD (Bring your own device), but how much is it actually worth? The questions to ponder upon are:  Is BYOD costing too much? Is BYOD cost effective? Are the companies saving any money with BYOD? Tom Kaneshige in has stated that Forrester found that at least a quarter of a billion global information workers are practicing BYOD and a survey by CISCO says that most of the IT departments have embedded the BYOD in their functioning.

The spotlight is also on: company paid and employee paid mobile expenses. Since the weight has shifted to BYOD from the company owned smartphones, the employees of the companies own mobile devices for business purpose. They get a set stipend to spend on the calling for the business purpose. This sort of strategy has made it complicated to track mobile expenditure. The companies are developing a software which helps track the employees‘  mobile expenses. The software is known as travel expense management software. This software gives enterprises the ability to record and manage the mobile expenses made by an individual. Another problem faced by the companies is that every employee is assigned one or two mobile sets but they are carrying three or four. This also plays a major role in increasing the operating cost.

Another suggestion to reduce the outflow is to have an individual cap on the stipend assigned for the employees according to their roles. In spite of giving away the general stipend allotted for the whole company, it’s better to give a separate stipend according to the usage of the employee. Another hurdle which companies face is the concise information. They need assessment of the detailed expenditure over calls made by the employees. They also need to come up with solutions regarding this particular scenario as to manage the outflow.

Once the companies have a thorough knowledge of the expenditure, more transparent system, they will surely be able to regulate it. BYOD is not fading any time soon so companies need a different approach to BYOD which should be cost effective and keeps a track of personal or professional calls made.

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