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The Superhero in a CIO

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, August 9, 2012
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CIOs accompanying their offspring’s to ‘super-hero movies’ need not necessarily do so only to satisfy the kid’s yearnings as they themselves can assimilate, by inspecting these movies, quite a few leadership skills that they can instill in their work scenario which can mould them into better leaders, reports Wendy Schuchart of SearchCio.

Apparently, movies such as The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers provide valuable insights on leadership traits that CIOs can borrow and implement them in order to tackle the complications in their everyday operations. Let us analyze these educative pointers gathered from movies of this genre:

Accumulate an efficient team- It has been observed that any superhero needs the support of a trusted aide without which they would have been very well rendered ineffective. Likewise, a CIO, to function effectively as well as efficiently, needs the support of a trusted and skilled team, who can lend in their knowledge in times of need.
Exploit the motivating factor- Behind every superhero, there lies a hidden agenda compelling them to assume the role of a vigilante. It can be a personal loss, intolerance towards crime or it can also be for any unifying cause say, saving the human race. Likewise, a CIO needs to discover the factor motivating his/her team and act accordingly in order to extract the maximum output. It can be either money, position or sheer recognition.
Build a formidable network- What is also observed from these movies is that it is imperative to maintain a commendable network of people, even for a superhero in order to gain access to subtle favors, especially in dire situations. In the very same way, a CIO needs to build a strong network of vendors and suppliers in order to keep in pace with the changing trends in the most viable manner.
Power of Technology- In all these superhero movies, we have witnessed technology play an acute part. We cannot undermine its role in the vanquishing of evil. Similarly, a CIO must utilize the technologies at his disposal to facilitate the progress of the organization to its fullest.
First impression doesn’t really matter- Many of the superheroes were initially thought of as a protagonist but with the passage of time with their deeds in limelight, they became household favorites overnight. The same holds true for CIOs also. A few of their projects might earn them dissent among the consumers but as they begin to evaluate the bigger role a CIO has to play in their lives, they will eventually appreciate their efforts towards a more user friendly society.
Keep focus- Superheroes are least bothered about gratitude that flows their way in the light of a heroic deed. They very well know that their job isn’t over yet as long as the law of karma prevails. And looking at the present market scenario, CIOs have to adapt the same attitude even after the completion of one successful venture. They have to keep shifting focus, without losing the same at breath-neck speed in order to meet the demands of the organization as well as of the consumers.
Share the spoils- Superheroes are often seen of not taking the entire credit of feats that they have performed. They tend to involve the people as a team even for the negligible amount of support or action on their part. CIOs should take a note of that and always appreciate his/her team on the accomplishment of a venture and reward them duly. This not only ensures their support but also instills the zeal for future such tasks.

Thus, we come to the conclusion that movies based on superheroes are not always for the entertainment value. A lot can be learned from them and the next time CIOs happen to attend any such movie, they should keep aside their ‘blackberrys’ and concentrate on the movie as they might actually find a few tips that might mould them as nothing short of heroes in the eyes of their colleagues.

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