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IT and marketing need to work hand- in-hand

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, February 1, 2012
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An organization's success depends upon strong foundations like technology, finance, marketing etc. Although the IT and marketing teams are found competing each other yet majority of the marketing executives believe technology is an important tool for their success, says a recent survey from Cambridge. It is important that how marketing heads give credit to IT for their success, IT heads as well should appreciate this and feel the same way and give credits to the marketing team and its missions as per an article by Carl Carlson in

Scott Brinker, a marketing technologist in says the gap that divides marketing/IT is not a matter of personality, but rather the result of structural differences in their organizational missions. According to him, for most IT managers, their top priorities are stability, reliability, security, data integrity, strategic management of infrastructure and capital cost efficiency. Whereas marketing has different concerns like acquiring more customers quickly and cost-effectively, speed to market of new ideas, agility to change course quickly based on feedback, user experience and embracing disruptive innovation.

To a certain extent there must be some conflict between IT and marketing. More is the competition between the two, greater will be the benefits. They should work in parallel, understanding the needs and demands of the customers, also understanding each other's requirements and hence providing service to the organization.

As the old saying goes "Unity is strength", CIOs and CMOs need to work hand in hand for the success of an organization. And to work together as one single unit it is important that the CIOs and the CMOs discuss about the strategic needs of the organization, and it is also important that they respect each other's ideas, thoughts and decisions.

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