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IT Among Top Priorities for Corporates

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, August 2, 2012
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Funds are expected to gush for the IT sector as board executives are contemplating of providing the same prerogative to it as the sales department. The role played by the IT in the breeding of revenue for the organization has finally been recognized by corporate members as both IT and sales transcends their counterparts, occupying the top slots where companies are deliberating to put in the bulk of their investment, reports CIO.

Gartner-Forbes 2012 Board of Directors Survey revealed that sixty-for percent of the polled 175 executives declared that the budget allocated for the IT will definitely increase in their companies’ fiscal 2012.

Gartner vice president and renowned analyst, Jorge Lopez remarked, “It underlines the fact that the investments they plan to make are essential to growth and even survival,” advocating this proactive move of the board officials.

This was further attested by 9/10th of survey respondents who felt that IT's "strategic contribution" to company operations would rise by 2014. Moreover, 50 percent acknowledged that IT is driving business and industry changes and disrupting the way a company functions. As such, it should come as no surprise if the companies expand their business scope. CIOs, keeping this in mind, should prepare and analyze in advance the technologies best suited to the business operations.

The research conducted by Gartner was contravened by Forrester Research. It was of the opinion that expenses within IT will be abated, attributing it to the cloud of uncertainty looming over the euro currency.

This was contradicted by Gartner’s forecast release where it predicted that global IT spending to US$3.6 trillion, a considerable leap of 2.5 percent as compared to last year.

Financial assessment of tech companies was also found to be fluctuating. Where data-integration software vendor Informatica’s preliminary second-quarter results reflected a poor outcome, SAP on the other hand proclaimed that their preliminary numbers have surpassed their anticipated target.

Whatever maybe the scenario, one thing is for certain that technology is the future and consequently, developments within IT sector is most raved about. Hence, board executives should ponder upon investing in it as that would be the wisest thing to do, contemplating the pivotal role IT plays in earning dividends for the organization.

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