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Forrester In India

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, October 5, 2012
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Bangalore: The first ever Forrester CIO Summit held in New Delhi,  was received with much adulation and acclamation as IT executives from all across the country engaged in informative interaction with officials from Forrester, understanding the dynamics of changing consumer preferences and its impact on the contemporary business scenario, reports Manish Bahl in his blog.

The summit which was attended by more than 100 IT officials focused on “From IT To Business Technology (BT) And Beyond,” which served as the agenda for the evening.

The attendees found the summit to be quite beneficial addressing their woes in understanding consumer experience among others. They were also of high praise for Forrester with respect to their professionalism as many CIOs actually expressed their willingness to work with the international technology and market research company.

The vital pointers that that spawned from this summit are:

IT aligning with business: It has become imperative for the IT sector to merge its priorities in accordance with the business, as this is the need of the hour due to the ever increasing consumerization of IT.

Acknowledging disruptive technologies: Forrester also hinted on the importance of disruptive technologies in meeting the consumer expectations and as such, CIOs should consider investing in same.

Need of a Chief Mobile Officer: The surge of BYOD trend has made organizations instill a Chief Mobility Officer who can supervise mobile communication across the business and IT and also develop a comprehensive network of mobile application within an organization.

Effective communication: CIOs should indulge in articulate communication with their executive peers so that the challenges and the priorities can be portrayed in a more understandable fashion.

Proactive innovation: The summit also pointed out that CIOs should explore new realms of innovation in order to generate revenue for the company. It has become a cliché for CIOs to restrict themselves in cutting costs for the enterprise as a whole.

Overall, the summit served as a dynamic forum for interactive, workshop-centric experience to exchange ideas and receive actionable guidance from one of the most reputed research firms in the world. Hope the experience was mutual for Forrester and maybe we will witness more such events in the near future.

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