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Difference in Attitude Towards Information Management

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, August 30, 2012
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Bangalore: De-prioritizing information management can cost dear to an organization contrary to popular belief that it can be incorporated in the index of a CIO and attended to in due time. This can inevitably have a negative impact on the efficacy of the business anticipating to deliver new services, reports Mark A. Smith of Ventana Research.

This survey conducted by ‘Ventana Research’ explores how contemporary organizations manage information, the perspective of industry executives regarding contemporary processes, initiatives taken to improve the current tools and contemplate on acquiring new ones.

Some intriguing facts were put forth by the survey which was conducted among more than 2,800 organizations. Two-thirds of the respondents admitted that due emphasis was not being given to analytic-related tasks as much as to data-related tasks. A further two-third felt that data spread across numerous applications can pose a hurdle for information management.

Acquiring the precise information has haunted organizations for decades.  Still, requisite steps are not being undertaken to upgrade the key initiatives to regulate systematic arrangement of information management. Moreover, even basic key initiatives that are completed, from master data management to data virtualization, data quality, data integration and data governance are being availed by a handful of the organizations.

However, a subtle increase was witnessed with respect to data integration and data quality, as 28 percent of organizations took the initiative to improve in this regard. The survey also brought to the limelight that most of the organizations focus on customer centric data and when it came to financial, employee, product and supplier data, the graph fell significantly.

Also, incompatible tools and unsynchronized metadata stores were found to be two biggest hindrances en route to a common information warehouse. Apart from that, lack of staff, budget constraints and inadequate training and skills among the employees were found to be other primary reasons that obstruct a company from establishing formidable network of information management.

As such, CIOs should understand that information management is much more than technology – it is essentially about the business processes and procedures that form the base for creation and use of information.

Thus, improving the quality of information management should be one of the cardinal focal point with a view to adhere to the demands of compliance regulations and deploying new technology solutions for the overall development of an enterprise.

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