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CIOs and CMOs Fight for Mobility

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, July 5, 2012
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With Mobility fast becoming an integral trend in the business infrastructure, both the CIO and the CMO are pitching for it with a renewed vigor, clashing in the process as to who should be the beacon carrier of this consuming trend, reports Chris O’ Connor of Huffington Post.

As Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins has rightly pointed out that Mobility is contemporarily viewed as a a tool, both by the CIO and the CMO, to benefit their segment of the bottom line. As such it becomes prerequisite to empower oneself with the knowledge as to how exactly will Mobility be beneficial from the perspective of a CIO as well as a CMO.

Below are the five criteria based on which both the CIO and the CMO can vouch for Mobility –

Accessible: From the CIO point of view, mobility plays a dominant role in reducing cost as well as establishing a secure network within the organization. CMO views Mobility as a tool that helps in gaining market share and developing a credible network with the customers. Thus we find that mobility is easily accessible to all and it would be foolhardy not to exploit its benefits.
Managing time and cost: Mobility plays a coherent role in saving money and time both for the CIOs and the CMOs as mobile applications nowadays can be downloaded and synced with user data in minutes and company-wide deployments accomplished in weeks instead of months.
Monetary value: As discussed earlier, mobility ensures cost-cutting which generates money in return whereas for the CMO, mobility provides more time in engaging more customers and hence more money.
Visible result: CIOs and CMOs can advocate for mobility as it also reduces low-value work hours, improves data compliance and quality, facilitates cost-savings through real-time data and collaboration and increases leads and sales.
Discreet advantages: Corporate mobility helps in a great deal in enticing potential recruits as well as in the retention of employees. This in turn propels innovation through a higher touch internal environment as well as leads driven by greater brand visibility.

As such, both the CIOs and the CMOs can profit from mobility provided they can utilize its benefits in tandem. With trends such as BYOD and Social Networking on the rise, the management, it seems, has to ultimately give in to Mobility.

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