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Adieu to The Existing Networking Infrastructure

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, October 30, 2012
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Bangalore: With the advent of neoteric technologies in the corporate sector in likes of Cloud computing, mobile devices and Big Data, CIOs are confronted with managing the resultant flood of data for which they do not possess the apt infrastructure. As such, it is only sensible on their part to re-analyze the contemporary system of networks and mould them into something flexible as well as adaptable to the rising data needs, reports Clint Boulton of WSJ.

According to a survey by Forrester Research, 150 CIOs and other IT executives echoed the same concern pertaining to the inability of the current data centers in meeting the requisite target; justifying their demand in upgrading the prevailing quality of networking matrix.

What needs to be kept in mind is initially, the networking system was structured keeping in line with static computing requirements. The existing array of operating devices and application systems, not to mention the growing trend among employees using Skype, Gmail or Dropbox for corporate communication, was unaccounted for. This adds to the burden on the already over laden IT sector.

Forrester analyst Andre Kindness during a customer Web conference stated, “Our design principles are really out of sync for where we need to go. CIOs will have to fundamentally rethink how networks are architected.”

BMC Software CIO, Mark Settle, advocating the thoughts of Kindness, remarked, “Every acquisition… makes our network more complex. So the challenge of delivering services to both the contractors and new employees over that network remains a prime concern for us.” “We’re looking at more sophisticated ways to manage access on our network.”

In this regard, ‘software-defined networking’ can play a pivotal role in soothing the concerns of the CIOs. Here, a central application on low-cost servers is used to facilitate data across a network of routers and switches, which is proven to be more reliable as well as efficient. This software is vouched for by Juniper and Cisco Systems, who already seem to be reaping the benefits of this radical approach.

Overall, it is imperative for CIOs to view IT infrastructure as a strategic asset and take the adequate steps to ensure it is updated and able to meet the needs and demands generated by the surge of new technologies introduced in an organization.

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