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5 Areas for CIOs to Instill Innovation

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, November 23, 2012
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Bangalore: Considering the barrage of trends a CIO has been bludgeoned with, the ‘I’ in his designation could well stand for ‘Innovation’; and rightly so as a contemporary CIO has to deal with all sorts of neoteric technologies that have been invading the corporate arena. Therefore, creativity becomes a primal trait he has to incorporate in his work dynamics, reports Eric Lundquist of InformationWeek.

A new-age CIO shoulders the responsibility of not only identifying the most viable trends for an enterprise but also to increase revenue for the business. Here is a list of 5 innovative ideas that can boost a CIO in keeping pace with the changing trends.

Recognition and Reward: This particular strategy can surprisingly be quite effective in dealing with vendors as well as the task force. CIOs should recognize the efforts put in and encourage engagements programs in order to overcome corporate reluctance. In accordance, instilling a gaming strategy in the operating mode can be an ‘idea’ for CIOs to consider.
Exploiting SaaS: ‘Software-as-a-Service’ is being increasingly put into application, keeping in line with privacy, security and compliance requirements of the corporation. CIOs, taking this in regard, can transform SaaS into a value applied service from the cost calculation application that was its trademark.
Unified Identity System: Employees have a difficult time juggling between their corporate accounts and social sites, with a distinct user id as well as a password for each of their account. But with the surge of clod, this problem can put to rest by creating an identity system that would amalgamate each of these identities and give the employees an easy access by using a solo sign-in id and password.
Building Relationships: This personal trait a CIO is required to hone, not only within their organizational walls but also otherwise in order to lend their valued insight into the futuristic trends so that a foundation for a more comprehensive IT structure can be laid, benefitting the organization in the long run.
Transparency is the Key: Having a transparent IT model will not only speed up the entire process of the department but also obligate its employees to work more vigorously as they are not kept in the dark about the services and products and also about the finance related data.

These are the five areas that a CIO can work towards creating a more innovative enterprise.

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