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Mumbai: Mumbai witnessed the gathering of eminent IT leaders from reputed firms recently at the ‘CIO Leadership Forum’ on October 19 at hotel HOLIDAY INN. The Forum offered an intera... more>>
Bangalore: Lately, a few IT trends have been identified that will remain immune to the tightening grip on IT budget in 2013 as CIOs scamper new ways to generate business value. The cut in IT bud... more>>
Bangalore: Digitization has played a cardinal role in the shifting of budgets catered within an organization over the past couple of decades, with respect to the technology needs. What initially... more>>
Bangalore: Google is aiming high and dreaming big with aspirations of earning upto $10 billion in enterprise revenue. With 5 million businesses on Google Apps and over 40 million users, it can b... more>>
Bangalore: A recent survey by IBM reveals that CIOs are reluctant to use Cloud-based development platform such as Platform-as-a-Service although, they are accepting other development platforms s... more>>
    Bangalore: T-Mobile claims that it’s the only United States carrier that offers business -class international calling and that it has already helped companies save th... more>>
Bangalore: Position takes over everything. Being a CIO is not an easy task. They are involved in taking important business decisions regarding IT projects, business transform... more>>
Bangalore: CIO being responsible solely for delivering reliable Information Technology (IT) to the business is history now. Contemporary CIOs stake a much broader and imperat... more>>
Bangalore: It is high time to change the perspective that other C- suite executives hold of the CIOs in the corporate arena. From just labeled as cost-cutters to earning reve... more>>
Mumbai: CIO’s are not confined anymore to the traditional duties of an IT manager of supporting an organization in its endeavors with the optimized use of available resources. With the evolution of the IT sector and the emergence of novel technologies, CIO’s are bein... more>>
Bangalore: CIOs around the globe are stirred up with the launch of the iPhone 5 and the prospects it offers with respect to work dynamics within the business arena. With BYOD trend catching up a... more>>
Bangalore: Google’s CIO, Ben Fried seems to be advocating the theory – Time is Money – by pitching for cloud computing, citing the positive results from his company to motivate... more>>
Bangalore: Innovative trends such as Cloud and BYOD are catching up with feverish pitch with companies all over the world as they have finally come to understand the positive implications associ... more>>
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