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Bangalore: Contemporary CIOs need to start paying heed to customer experience or CX as it is fondly called in the corporate sector, if they are planning to broaden their market trying to reach o... more>>
Bangalore: Growth rates are higher at companies where the CIO is included in the highest decision-making bodies according to a report by Penteo and ESADE. The report describes a strong ... more>>
Bangalore: “Leading an IT organization is no cakewalk and with the increasing impact of technology on business, it is only getting more challenging, whether you are a middle manager plotti... more>>
Bangalore: With new technologies cropping up every other day, it is becoming a herculean task for CIOs to prioritize each technology that would be most viable for an enterprise. Moreover, what m... more>>
Chennai: The recently concluded ‘CIO Strategy Summit’, Chennai served as a quintessential platform for the contemporary IT  leaders who are responsible for the information techn... more>>
Bangalore: CIOs can’t allow themselves to be left high and dry succumbing under the bi-fold pressure of board level executives as well as their counterparts in parallel departments. In ord... more>>
Bangalore: After much deliberation, it must be unanimously agreed upon that a partnership between the CIO and the CMO lies in the best interest of the company. The analogous ... more>>
Bangalore: Contrary to the original belief, a CIOs pay package need not always be akin to an organization’s fiscal gain. There are various other factors at work that de... more>>
Bangalore: Since the advent of neoteric technologies, one question that has raised debate over time is the financial worth of a CIO. Can it be measured in terms of a CIOs exp... more>>
Bangalore: IT operations are being impacted by poor application performances that crop up every now and then, adding to the already existing technological crunches that CIOs have to deal with. Frequent software issues are becoming a norm in the organization which is echoed in th... more>>
Bangalore: It would not come as a surprise if we find ourselves in a cashless society in the near future. For CIOs, this would come as a fresh challenge, especially in developing countries, as t... more>>
Bangalore: De-prioritizing information management can cost dear to an organization contrary to popular belief that it can be incorporated in the index of a CIO and attended to in due time. This ... more>>
Bangalore: CIOs and CMOs have concurrently agreed that it was high time to seal the ‘pandora’s box’ that was unceremoniously opened resulting from the feud between the same. Wi... more>>
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