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Bangalore: BYOD is a trend that is gaining popularity, slowly but surely in the corporate circle. But the ramifications of incorporating it cannot be ignored when the security aspect is taken in... more>>
Bangalore: Security is an issue that has been constantly haunting CIOs, especially after the surge of neoteric trends in the likes of BYOD, Cloud computing and Social Media in the IT sector. Ser... more>>
Bangalore: The fetish towards BYOD has sparked a new trend in the technology circle. Employees are now more inclined on carrying their own devices to work which gives them a competitive edge ove... more>>
New Delhi: The capital will witness the congregation of eminent personalities from reputed organizations playing a pivotal role digging up the bedrock of IT only at ‘CIO Leadership Forum&r... more>>
Bangalore: The rate at which neoteric trends are squeezing its way into the workplace seems that the CIOs have to reanalyze their strategies in order to deal with the new challenges that they wo... more>>
Bangalore: Companies across the world are incorporating cloud based solutions in their work dynamics. Given the benefits that cloud strengthens security, reliability, transparency of cost and in... more>>
Bangalore: Indian CIOs are reluctant to grant their employees the pleasure of BYOD as security threats still loom large over theory head in spite of the breakthroughs achieve... more>>
New Delhi: The role of a CIO has fundamentally changed over the years as he plays a key role in setting the strategy and its execution for an organization. The primary object... more>>
Bangalore: Considering the barrage of trends a CIO has been bludgeoned with, the ‘I’ in his designation could well stand for ‘Innovation’; and rightly... more>>
Bangalore: Data virtualization is rapidly becoming a favorite among CIOs, especially as it solves majority of the data integration problems that BI brings forth. And with Forrester Research predicting $8 million expenditure on it in the coming year, it shouldn’t come as a ... more>>
Bangalore: CIOs are caught between the tug-of-war ensuing between the management and the vendors each of whom has their own set of 'expert advice' that is being shoved down a CIO’s... more>>
Bangalore: Worldwide enterprise IT spending is predicted to be a total of $2.679 trillion in 2013, a 2.5 percent increase of projected 2012 spending of $2.603 trillion, according to Gartner, Inc... more>>
Bangalore: Over the years, we have witnessed a massive change pertaining to the role of CIOs depending on the organization, the industry, the business strategies, the prevailing market condition... more>>
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