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Bangalore: CIOs are looking forward to explore and exploit ‘The Nexus of Forces,’ which is essentially the amalgamation of social, mobile, cloud and information into a solo matrix sy... more>>
Bangalore: The predicament that CIOs get into while trying to figure out the real-time data that underlies critical applications, infrastructure as well as projects is a common sight. As such, C... more>>
Bangalore: The job of CIOs was never a stroll in the park. But with the surge of neoteric trends, it has been transformed into a ‘survival of the fittest’ where farsightedness, creat... more>>
Bangalore: The changing shape of IT is causing CIOs to question the role of IT in the organization and the part they will play in it, according to Gartner, Inc. As businesses confront global eco... more>>
Bangalore: Nature has its own way of making a statement, and when it does, we have to abide by it. CIOs have taken it a step further by contemplating on it and that too in a smart way, i.e. by s... more>>
Bangalore: There is a lot that is being discussed regarding the possible outcomes that would arise because of the association between CIOs and start-ups. Of course one can always turn to the est... more>>
Bangalore: : It has been an enduring as well as a fascinating journey for Google. From being a novice in the online world to becoming the second most valuable company, the s... more>>
Bangalore: Contemporary CIOs have an operational and strategic priority, in addition to the technology priority, to lend support to the mission of the business and contribute... more>>
Bangalore: A recent Gartner survey found that 19 percent of organizations are using cloud computing for most of production computing, and 20 percent of organizations are usin... more>>
Bangalore: Time is Money. Presumably so as organizations world over rely on Big Data to facilitate the growth of their business by conducting operations in real or near-real time. As such, CIOs should explore the hidden potential of Big Data and use it for competitive advantage ... more>>
Bangalore: With the advent of neoteric technologies in the corporate sector in likes of Cloud computing, mobile devices and Big Data, CIOs are confronted with managing the resultant flood of dat... more>>
Bangalore: CIOs are finding the allotted budget for enterprise app testing a herculean feat. According to agile data management provider Delphix, IT organizations are toiling in keeping up pace ... more>>
Bangalore: It is a classic case of catch-22 situation for CIOs who are caught between the dilemma of whether or not to provide the latest trends in the consumer world to its employees. But there... more>>
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