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Bangalore: The first ever Forrester CIO Summit held in New Delhi,  was received with much adulation and acclamation as IT executives from all across the country engaged in informative inter... more>>
Bangalore: CIOs are being overlooked when it comes to making executive decisions as they are viewed as experts on technology and technology alone without comprehensive acumen in business skills,... more>>
Bangalore: A CIO should delve in the mindset of a CFO in order to gain entry in the C-suite segment. A business is all about profit and that is what matters in the end- revenue earned. As such, ... more>>
Bangalore: It seems Google has quite a few things to teach IT professionals as far as empowering users are concerned. Giving the users due space and options over their products could well prove ... more>>
Bangalore: There is no doubt that cloud brings down allocation cost quite significantly. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if CIOs, in their endeavor to obtain the most suitable c... more>>
Bangalore: It is high time that CIOs shed 80/20 rule they have been following so religiously from the past couple of decades. Now the 80/20 rule dictates that 80 percent of the budget allotted t... more>>
Bangalore: The BT One portfolio has been updated and a range of new services have been launched to address the findings of a global BT survey involving 1,000 executives worki... more>>
Bangalore: The primal role of the CIO has undergone a massive paradigm shift. From being mere cost-cutters for an organization to generating revenue, a CIO is now viewed as t... more>>
Bangalore: The jobless rate in the IT sector remains constricted in comparison to other sectors of an organization. When it comes to networking, security and database managem... more>>
Bangalore: Being a CIO is no walk in the park, particularly when you are allotted the cardinal responsibility of maintaining the critical balance of meeting the technological goals set by the board level executives as well as ensuring a healthy and rewarding work environment for... more>>
Bangalore: CIOs in Asia have finally acknowledged the importance of business intelligence and analytics, mobile technologies and cloud computing, keeping in line with the priorities of firms wor... more>>
Bangalore: IT executives are investing big time in security as it seems to have occupied the top slot in a list of priorities pertaining to the budget of the relevant sector. In spite of the eco... more>>
Bangalore: CIOs should confer their faith in startups that indulge in emerging trends in technology, in order to have a deeper footing in the IT sector. In recent times, it has been witnessed th... more>>
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