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"Embrace New Technologies, Gain Competitive Advantage"

Technology is evolving - fast. Disruptive technologies like cloud, social, mobile and information are revolutionizing business.

Taking advantage of evolving technologies helps companies maintain a competitive advantage. If you are not watching these developments, your business is missing out.

For that reason, it is imperative that companies focus not just on the changes happening today but also on emerging technological trends that are shaping the future of organizations and industries. The more anticipatory a company can be with regard to technology, the more creatively it can use that knowledge and planning to gain competitive advantage.

Faced with fundamental changes to the enterprise ecosystem, most successful CIOs and senior IT leaders are rethinking on what IT means and how it can be applied to the needs and goals of the enterprise. CIO's have begun to leverage new technologies and embrace the future by turning their attention to growth, cost reduction and competitive differentiation.

The potential of technology is expanding. CIOs are working with greater agility to discover new ways to advance the business. They are always hunting for innovative solutions that address their pain points. Every other week, there will be some company launching an enterprise solution. While there is no dearth of solutions in the market, keeping track of all the available solutions is a humungous task and nearly impossible.

We spoke to some of the successful CIOs and other decision makers on buy-side of enterprise technology to share what they see as a big challenge in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2013, what solutions they will look forward to and their expectations from technology providers for the enterprise. This being a neutral platform, CIOs shared their true insights without any obligations to a particular vendor. The roast of insights we present in this book will help CIOs and IT leaders across the board to learn a lot from their peers in the industry.

We believe CIO Yearbook 2013 will serve as a resource book for decision makers where they can refer to see how their contemporaries are thinking about similar problems as theirs. It provides readers with leadership-oriented, relevant and timely insight into the business challenges that are top-of-mind for forward-thinking IT executives. Since we present to you insights from CIOs from different industry verticals, we believe there is scope for crosspollination of ideas.

Our Editorial team also evaluated over thousand solution providers and selected a handful of them to be profiled in CIO Yearbook 2013 so you can gain a comprehensive understanding of what technologies are available, which are right for you, and how they shapeup against the competition. The solution providers featured in CIO Yearbook 2013 provide a look into how their products work in the real world. We believe this information will help you, while you make your IT decisions.

We would love to hear your experiences of leveraging technology to steering your business. We would also look forward to provide you with more information on enterprise IT that will help you embrace new concepts, pursue new strategies and acquire new leadership skills.

Thank you,
Pradeep Shankar
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