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Case study
Coming into 2020, the data landscape was already subject to significant transformative forces, notably around increased expectations on data privacy, continued internal pressures to reduce costs and additional customer demands for new services and digital offerings. COVID-19 has now ushered in unprecedented disruption, impacting not just customer and employee health and safety but also business continuity and the financial system as a whole. In times of crisis, particularly of this scale, it is a challenge to plan beyond the next few weeks  ,let alone months. However existing data challenges will not disappear in the meantime – in fact, COVID-19 only re-emphasizes the need to address them in the most diligent and forward-looking manner possible.
Headquartered in Bengaluru, Computer Factory India has been designing, implementing and managing comprehensive IT solutions including Networking, Hardware, Software, Security and Telecom with 2500 successful projects for over 500 clients. Computer Factory takes a consulting approach to customer's problems. However, Computer Factory differs from pure play consulting companies by actually implementing the proposed solution and managing the same through it's life cycle.
After owning a luxury living space, searching for the second residential property (more luxurious than existing one) offering value for money is not an easy task for any buyer.  Jaswinder Kaur – a Pune based IT professional experienced a similar situation wherein she found her existing society  as the best option among all other projects and bought her second home from Vasupujya Corporation in the same project – Neco  SkyPark (Phase 3, this time).
A new home bought is a new life bought. But starting from deciding on where to buy and which house to purchase to ending with the proper documentation at an attorney’s office, the home buying experience can be a stressful and nerve-racking process. A Hyderabad-based Software Engineer, Hari Babu was feeling same heat as he wanted to realize one of the biggest dreams of his life. “I have always wanted to have a house, a gated community, of my own,” he says.
When Strides Pharma Science, one of the renowned pharmaceutical MNCs, was looking to establish its office in a small space in Jigani for 100+ employees with around 10 cabins, one reception, four discussion rooms and one board room, it shook hands with VVI Group, a pioneer space management and turnkey project service provider. Today, while majority of turnkey project providers have their own affection & fancy about their design & thinking, Strides Pharma Science encountered completely different experience with VVI Group.