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Suresh Gurram
Suresh Gurram
Manager -
Insight of My Company and its IT Strategies   
R&D, Design, Develop, Manufacture & Marketing of Telecom terminal equipment in PSTN, GSM, CDMA, VOIP & Wi-Fi technologies.

Linkwell Telesystems is a world wide supplier of customer premises telecom equipment and solutions that address the markets of PCO Product (FCT, FWP & CCB), EVD & Top-up Terminals, Point of Sale (EMV certified POS), Vehicle tracking Systems (VTS), Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Terminals & Handheld Terminals, GSM and CDMA wireless modems, Data Converters, GSM FCT Gateways.

VISIONTEK is the brand for all products made by Linkwell Telesystems. VISIONTEK Marketing, Sales and Distribution channels are well established in India, South East Asia, CIS, Africa and the Middle East.

IT Strategies :

Defining and aligning  internal processes, roles and responsibilities with respect to business objectives(ERP, PLM & BI). IT has to play key role in understanding technology and
organization culture & maturity. Drive IT solution architecture to support initial engagement between organization and client.

Views on new technologies
Cloud & Virtualization technologies came up from the perspective of GREEN & dynamic business demands. Since, while considering this technologies - strategic planning has to sink in parallel with nature of business model inside and outside.

Points to note :
1. Cloud still takes some time to accept and initial starters may consider Private cloud.
2. In terms of commercials- cloud works on service mode, virtualization is on product mode .
3. Virtualization saves h/w computing power and flexibility.
4. Hardware cost is low & Software cost is high.

Keeping up with Technology
My source of update is through:
    - Vendors and events & seminars
    - Google
    - Email & Magazine subscriptions
    - White papers and case studies
    - Follow technology market
    - Work experience
Biggest Pain Point         
The biggest pain point of my Organization is its Internal security.

IT Leader – Manager First or Technologist First
Yes, Manager first, as the role demands in people leadership, budget management, process alignment etc., in combination of both and balancing it at times makes IT leader.

Latest Technology
The latest technologies being used in our organization are PLM & BI Solutions.

Relationship between CIO and CEO
CEO and CIO relationships are key for running successful business operations and both should understand their priority of roles in Business and Technology.
    CEO = Business & Technology
    CIO = Technology, Culture & Business

Advice/ Suggestions
CIOs should keep on practice, art of balancing organization culture with technology and should be a visionary to lead with technology, culture & business model. Industry should understand CIOs role in identifying practical gaps from bottom to top management.

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