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Subodh K Prasad
Subodh K Prasad
Sr. GM -
Insight of My Company and its IT Strategies
As a pre-eminent Infrastructure Company, established over 4 decades ago, Oriental Structural Engineers has firmly etched a name for itself as one of Indias foremost EPC and BOT contender in the Roads and Highways sector. Driven by technology and supported by a capable team, OSEs business has been shaped by innovative thinking, vast competence and its maintenance of transparency in all processes

Currently OSE has a strong talent base of over 3900 employees and its senior management has a collective experience of over 500 years in the construction industry. OSE has always used state of the art equipment in its projects and currently owns equipment worth Rs. 350 - 400 crores. Its turnover in the financial year 2011 was approximately Rs. 1500 crores and with its current BOT projects of 752 kms, OSE today has road assets of Rs. ~11000 cr under its management.

OSE IT strategy

· Explore Technology and align with Business objective

· Continues improvement in Business operation and processes

· Continues improvement in IT Service Delivery

· Continues improvement in ROI, both tangible & intangible

Views on new technologies
Cloud computing is not about doing anything new and innovative. It is simply shifting Business Applications to the “Web” rather than your Desktop or Server Hardware. Therefore it is essential to do COST-BENEFIT Analysis before opting for Cloud Computing.

Resources to Keep Updated with Latest Technologies
I try to keep myself updated by Web pages, magazines, Seminars, Technology launch etc.

Team Size
Our team size is of 10-12 IT professional’s specialization in their respective field.

Biggest Pain Point
Our biggest pain point is Communication network in Rural Area.

Technology to Address Pain Points
Yes, off course. Technology plays an important role in addressing these pain points.

Challenges Faced
Although equipped with latest tool & technology, not sure if 100% secured and will not be hacked.

Expenses on IT Systems
We expend approx 2.00 crore on IT budget systems.

IT Budget Upgrading Plan
No Budget constraint if ROI is justify at any point of time.

IT Leader – Manager First or Technologist First
According to me, IT leader should be a manager first.

ROI on the Technology

. Integrated and ‘Online’ database

· Improvement in communication and interaction with employee, vendors, customer, partners etc.

· Improved Business processes & operations

· Improvement in Inter-departments and cross functional   disputes

· Improved MIS and decision making

· Reduced Inventory

· Timely completion of Financial Result.

· Cordial working atmosphere due to technology

Latest Technology
We are looking for Mobility.  Making Application mobile with i-POD and Blackberry.

Relationship Between CIOs and CEOs
The role of CIO is not only to innovate and manage Information Technology for their company but to align with Business Objectives.  CIO plays an advisory role for CEO as how business objective could be achieved with the help of technology.

Advice/ Suggestion
I strongly believe Technology should align with Business Objectives and therefore it is essential to quantify ROI from Technology proposed before implementation.

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