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Ravish Jhala
Ravish Jhala
Insight of My Company and its IT Strategies
EIH Limited, under the aegis of The Oberoi Group, operates hotels and cruisers in five countries under the luxury ‘Oberoi’ and five-star ‘Trident’ brands. The Group is also engaged in flight catering, airport restaurants, travel and tour services, car rentals, project management and corporate air charters.

Oberoi Hotels & Resorts is synonymous the world over with providing the right blend of service, luxury and quiet efficiency. Internationally acclaimed for all-round excellence and unparalleled levels of service, Oberoi hotels and resorts have received innumerable awards and accolades. The last decade has witnessed the debut of new luxury Oberoi leisure hotels in India and abroad.

Trident hotels are five-star hotels that have established a reputation for excellence and are acknowledged for offering quality and value. These hotels combine state of the art facilities with dependable service in a caring environment, presenting the ideal choice for business and leisure travellers.

In our company, IT is evolving and I must comment that the IT initiatives in our Company are well supported by top management and driven within the company. We have Corporate IT team located in Delhi and each business unit’s setup with the IT staff to manage business unit operations.

Views on new technologies
Keeping up to date is like thinking without ink. If you don’t have ink you can’t write same way in IT if you are not keep yourself on learning curve on daily basis you may be outdates as on a minutes ago. To keep myself in line with what I don’t know, I do following:
1. Research
2. Reading books and only selected magazines
3. Google is best friends
4. Registered my name to receive daily news letters from different sources
5. Write articles in media
6. Write blogs

Team Size
My belief for team is depends of your dream / vision. If you have big dream, you need best team. Luck on my side, I have best team in place starting from Senior Management to the people whom I worked with. We are total 11 people managing the business operations 24 x 7.

Biggest Pain Point
I would not like to answer this questions keep in mind the PAIN POINT but we as team work on single goal – To hell with circumstances, let create opportunities. Our opportunities areas are:
1. Keeping our self in line with business
2. Saving time, cost, improve efficiency of business
3. Build eye for competition and trends

Technology to Address Pain Points
Technology will help to reach and understand the pain point and if implemented and managed correctly, it will surely address the opportunities areas too.

Slowdown Impact on IT Innovation
More than IT innovation it is important to learn and train myself and team and prepare them for the good time to come ahead. Keeping our guest both internal and external connected to business which will bring loyalty to business in long run. Innovation has to be implemented; Implementation is easy but difficult to manage. My focus in this difficult time is to innovate in what we already implemented and manage is well to churn 100% result out of IT.

IT Budget Upgrading Plan
Our plan to decrease or keep it on same level as last year. This does not mean that our company is not focusing in fact we are working on many new projects this year and our focus toward consolidate, automate and enhance the usage of IT within company.

IT Leader – Manager First or Technologist First
I believe that person first start from basic and learn how the technology works and how best use of the technology will help to enhance the operations. You have to techno-business manager to ask WHY I should use the technology? What it will benefit? And finally understand HOW it will be used?

ROI on the Technology
My ROI works with simple calculation. Save one rupee for company or earn one rupee for company. We have our own tracking matrix on different parameters to understand where we stand and how much impact IT creating on business.

Latest Technology
Business Intelligence, Mobility, IT Governance and Compliance, Cloud, Green technologies, Business automation.

Relationship Between CIOs and CEOs
There is only one difference of I and E letters and if I take this letter out from this title there is no difference. In fact these are just title and in our IT team we each one is CEO of our section and CIO of our sections.

Advice/ Suggestion
Come together, build future and support upcoming CIOs. Give chance to prove and mentor your down line. Create a platform for knowledge sharing and not competing with each others. Let’s have one vision, one team and one dream!

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