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Ram Kumar
Ram Kumar
Manager -
Insight of My Company and its IT Strategies   
We are basically an  agri - chemicals and seeds company, we have been running our applications on SAP since two years.

Views on new technologies
Cloud and Virtualization seems to be an excellent idea but does not fit into our environment to implement from the scratch.

Keeping up with Technology
We try to update our environment accordingly by implementing the new support packages and patch levels provided by our application partner

Team Size
We are 5 in head-count, who handle all kind of requirement related to IT

Biggest Pain Point         
Anytime, any place, access to our servers is the biggest pain point for us.

Technology Adresses pain points. Agree?
Yes, I do agree on this. We have designed and planned to implement a custom web based application within SAP to achieve this functionality.

Slowdown Impact on IT Innovation
As we are a manufacturing company and making use of IT applications for handling our business processes only, Slowdown does not implicate us much.

Challenges Faced
We have implemented Disaster Recovery to secure our Information System or the database.

Adoption of Cloud Policy
We are about to launch our own custom built cloud facility to our end-users.

Role of Cloud
Cloud is an excellent idea to secure data and cuts the cost as well.

Expenses on IT Systems
We allocate as and when required, rather than reserving a budget for IT requirement.

IT Budget Upgrading Plan
As of now, we do not have any plans for IT budget Upgrading.

IT Leader – Manager First or Technologist First
An IT leader should and must be a technologist first to take firm decisions in implementing and in adapting change to the environment and secondly a manager.

ROI on the Technology      
Once we go live with our custom application, we can count ROI in numbers.

Latest Technology
Hopefully we would be the first one to implement Business Objects version 4 for our managerial decisions.

Relationship between CIO and CEO
Both should be travelling on a same track as both have the capacity and power to implement new technologies in the environment.

Advice/ Suggestions
Update and Adapt change.

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