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Balwant Singh
Balwant Singh
Head-IT ,C & S

Insight of My Company and its IT Strategies
C&S Electric is amongst the leading suppliers ofelectrical equipment in India and is India’s largest exporter of industrialswitchgear. It’s wide range of electrical and electronic products findapplication in power generation, distribution, control, protection and finalconsumption.

Views on new technologies
Both are todays technology. I think, now, every company somehow either using this technology orexploring it to use.  Virtualization has muchadvantage. It’s now already used by various companies & adopted verywell.  Regarding cloud, I think once ifwe have more reliable / cheaper bandwidth than demand of cloud computing willincrease.  Also at present, due to somefears / non clarity & not having any standard clauses, company fears tomigrate their application to cloud.  Theyare just migrating application which is non critical.

Resources to Keep Updated with Latest Technologies
I read many magazines; have subscribed myself to manynewsletters.  Also attend theconferences. And of-course internet is best medium to keep you updated.

Adoption of Cloud Policy
We are exploring it.

Role of Cloud
Not using, at present.

IT Leader – Manager First or Technologist First
See, be IT leader or HR leader or any other function leader,the ultimate goal of all is business. So, in my opinion, the IT Leader should have managerial skills as wellas technical skills as the main task for him/her to align IT with businessrequirement. 

Latest Technology
Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Mobiles Apps.

Relationship Between CIOs and CEOs
See, without support of Management or the in charge of business, you cannot bring any change in the system.  So, your relation with CEO is very crucial.  The CEO should have trust/faith on you; you need to first win his/her confidence for your proposed changes.

Advice/ Suggestion
CIOs are doing a great job.  I would like to say Best of Luck! To everyone.

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