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Vaibhav Kulkarni

Vaibhav Kulkarni

ASUS India
Ensuring Growth
Growing as a leader is a continuous process. I believe in troubleshooting and reviewing the work on a regular basis. This can be done even by discussions in internal meetings to see where the lag is. For me, Work and Time management are of importance and I don't keep anything pending for the next day.
Current Job description
I am the Chief logistics officer at ASUS India and have been in this industry for more than twenty years. I am responsible for the end-to-end Supply chain management at the organization and it includes activities like freight forwarding , warehousing, distribution, etc.
Leadership qualities
One has to believe in smart work and not hard work. To be a good leader, one has to learn to identify the strengths of the team and assign or delegate the work accordingly.
My advice
I would advise them to know and trust on their strengths and to focus on their targets. They can make calendars to plan their time better and to track progress of the job.
Handling Grievances
I discuss and try to understand the problem even if the person is not in my team. This way I get a background of the issue at hand and it helps me work out a solution that is good for the person and the company. His can bring out a win-win situation and also boost the employee's morale.
Managing personal and professional life
If I make a hundred mistakes, I don't consider them as mistakes, but consider them as hundred ways to improve myself. When there is an issue, important for me is to find out the root cause and take corrective actions at that very moment and then move forward. I also maintain a log book to record the mistakes as this helps me keep a tab on similar future errors.
Important career decisions
Till date, getting into the field of logistics was the most important decision that I have taken. I have enjoyed this industry and have grown in it without losing the passion for it.
Influenced by
My Dad has influenced my life the most. He once told me that I needed to believe in myself, never lose the confidence and to always be on the path of truth.
Family background
My family background has been very simple. My dad owned a shop in Mumbai and mother was a housewife. I got married in 1998 and have a kid. My wife works at Lilavati hospital in the finance department.
My views on India Technical development
That is because of the infrastructure and facilities in our country. This makes the students prefer jobs abroad.
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