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Pushkar Raj

Pushkar Raj

IT Manager
Express Retail Services
Insight of My Company and its IT Policies
There are some recent updated technologies like Private cloud & virtualization and web-based ERP which we have planned to implement on our organization.
Views on new technologies
We would like to use & take an advantage of cloud and virtualization technologies.
Keeping up with Latest Technology
I update myself by reading technical magazines & browsing internet for all technical data.
Team Size
15 member team.
Biggest Pain Point
Our biggest pain point is IT Security & data theft which is a major crisis.
Technology to Address Pain Points
Technology only helps in finding solution for few points as reduce hardware cost.
Slowdown Impact on IT Innovation
Yes, because IT expenses are growing and technologies are shifting frequently which causes a major slowdown.
Challenges Faced
The major challenges which effect development is to secure online ERP database.
Expenses on IT Systems
Expenses are approx of 10 lacs.
IT Budget Expansion Plan
Yes in the coming years we are planning for upgrading in regard of Disaster recovery site, virtualization and private cloud services.
IT Leader – Manager First or Technologist First
Leadership quality and awareness about technologies both are must to have at their place for the position but as per my opinion technologist first because IT team is mainly based on works with technology so mainly technologist comes first instead of manager first.
ROI on the Technology
We have made the RIO for better growth and infrastructure for our organization as well as to increase servers efficiency.
Latest Technology
There are some recent updated technologies like Private cloud & virtualization and web-based ERP which we have planned to implement on our organization.
Relationship Between CIOs and CEOs
CEOs value a business perspective most of all, based on the frequency with which it was mentioned and the priority it was given. "The CIO needs to be the bridge from information technology to the rest of the company. He needs to look ahead and align technical benefits with company needs". The CIO has to "make sure that what the user gets is what they want, not what the CIO thinks they want".
Advice/ Suggestion
Need to go with those things that can create better appreciated relationship between organization and its employees.
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