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Jay H Karia

Jay H Karia

Data Architect and Strategy Consultant at IBM Global Business Services
IBM Global Business Services
Importance of STP
Sarp (Short) and Garuda(long) Drishti(vision) are the most important aspects.Initially, the requirements (S,T,P) are all very objective since they have a specific requirement in mind. But as we build the prototype and design keeping the Immediate needs in mind, the long term vision emerges from POC
Future trend
Goals are Universal, techniques are new. Goals - Move up the value chain (SCM), better customer Management (CRM), have great team working for you (HRMS)- new techniques- Save cost (Cloud), Build data models (DW, BI, DMX, MDX, Big data) & Analytics & dashboards- SSRS, Cognos etc around G, R & C
Importance of sales
If you can't sell it, you cannot sustain it. Sales is central to sustenance. Steve jobs, Bill Gates, Dhirubhai Ambani, Karsandas Patel - and then there are John Sculley, Steve Woz, Tim Paterson- Also there's Orkut and FBs of the world- Moral- you need the right PPL and you need the right approach!!
Importance of Marketing
I am a techno functional person - a Data Architect & Strategy consultant with IBM India, Bangalore. My work involves consulting clients on Enterprise Data Management using Industry Model Frameworks, tools and assets of IBM. So in essence I am a bridge between Pre Sales and Implementation teams.
What can be achieved
He has to be like Vishnu - sleep (rely/ base) on Serpent (Use current models & assets for requirements fitment) while Fly (learn, adapt) on Garuda (Upcoming tools, requirements). Also like Vishnu he has to balance out both. But the limitation is he does not always have Lakshmi at his side :P
Rather than ask WIIFM (what's in it for me) I try to ask WTPOA (What's the point of it all) much is too much and if this was my last day on earth will I be still doing what I am doing and be happy?...and then I know where I want to invest or diverge energy! Marketing in the end is about ppl!!
Importance of 4ps
If it was that simple everybody would have printed this page and had been done with it - am sure John Sculley would win hands down than Steve jobs on these questions!!
Get acquainted with the culture in which you intend to sell things first and read books/ videos that would give you maximum insight into how ppl of your market perceive things - Devdutt Pattanaik, Ayn Rand (All books, all videos), Rich Dad Poor Dad, Tipping point are the few I have loved so far!
Marketing is like lotus leaves on pond - it stays rooted in water and still stays aloof from it - Marketing is almost always more than the functional and technical specifications of the 4 Ps - It is more about people and getting the perspective right than anything else!
Future prospect
I focus on what I do and want to do - Where do I go and what do I become as a result of that is something that I leave to fate and God!!!
Growth Prospect in marketing
By focusing on doing best of what they do!! There can be no prescription of success - Success is a result of reflection on one's work and what one intends to do!
Perception is 90% reality - hence brand does play a major role - "Who you are" decides "what you have and can have". But of course there are Lehmann Brothers of the world - Brand needs to be coupled with a strong base of Governance, Risk and Compliance Management.
Importance of On line marketing
That is the 4th P - Place and it does matter a lot. Where you put your advertising and how you do campaign management is at the core of marketing and sales.
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