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The different areas of business transformation places the CIO at centre stage. With increasing focus on the IT function, the CIO faces pressure to drive change in difficult and changing conditions. They are embarking upon major IT projects in conditions where expenditure is under constraint, whilst attempting to find budget to support innovation projects to achieve competitive advantage or expand in new markets.
For a growing number of businesses, the journey to cloud computing starts with a private cloud implementation. A private cloud dramatically changes the way your business produces and consumes IT services by creating a layer of abstraction over your pooled IT resources. This allows your data center to offer true infrastructure service capability as well as optimally managed application services.
Transformational CIOs drive change across the enterprise, create tangible business value and leverage innovative technologies for growth.
CIOs are responsible for shaping up the future of technology through their intelligent insights and address strategic initiatives and also manage businesses successfully across industries and verticals. The role of a CIO has changed from being an information officer to being an innovative officer.
One of the most expensive IT tasks for many organizations is application deployment and management. The deployment process isn't as big a deal as it used to be because almost no one deploys applications manually anymore. At the same time, though, the days of installing an application and never having to do anything else with it are gone forever. Today, most applications are updated on a regular basis, and the challenge presented to IT departments is to be able to deploy the applications to the desktop and to install any necessary updates to those applications with minimal effort and without disrupting the end user.
Social crime is one of the major concerns today. It is responsible for 70% of crime in and around the world. Theres a lot of media clips and awareness from police to file report regarding the people relocating from one place to another and servants employed in houses in order to avoid social crime. But theres no technical solution to control this and have a living free from social crime. This PPT gives solution  for a terror free living with the help of Information Technology.
The global economic challenges come from a host of factors. They include topics like poverty eradication, role of international bodies, containment of inflation. The CIO is in theposition to make the determination at the outset. The CIO knows what"fast" means the company and what are the general implications of notresponding in the time required. The CIO also understands how different systemswork together to support daily operations.
You shouldnt have to adapt to technology. Technology should adapt to you. Video Collaboration is a framework that ensures technology works for you - at the highest quality and lowest total cost of ownership. Video collaboration platform is simple to deploy, making instant face-to-face collaboration possible with anyone, anywhere.
The insider threat management strategy of an organization should address three areas: people, process and technology. In terms of people, user awareness should be the most important part of your strategy.
We are changing the way we collaborate, moving the focus from the information to the conversation. Clouds improve collaboration by facilitating mobility and providing flexibility.