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web sites prefer using PHP or Perl over Java and JSP
why do most of the web sites prefer using PHP or Perl over Java and JSP? What are the advantages those techonologies offer?
Asked by Despande Eshani | Sep 12 2019 | Report this Report abuse
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Quite simply because of ease of development (PHP has all the qualities one expects of a modern language to support professional software engineering) while being extremely scalable and high performance in runtime. We know, because we have built and deployed enterprise grade web apps in PHP.
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As a certified zend php developer (ZCE) I'd opt for PHP, but there's more to it. Today PHP is reaching it's maturity supporting many features that are already available for ASP (.NET) and JSP (Java). In my opinion a future-proof technology and a perfect glue between the Java and .NET worlds. And it's perfect for today's Web 2.0 applications (facebook, flickr, yahoo, ...)

But it all comes down to a few simple facts:
- what technology do you master in house (.NET, Java or PHP) ?
- do you already have an infrastructure available ?
- where lies your concern when it comes down to support ?
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I have to take exception with the idea that PHP is easier to prototype websites/apps than it is with JSP.

Certainly, Java (as in servlets) can be rather clunky and is thus over the top for a nominal task like prototyping, but when writing JSPs using JSTL it becomes a breeze.

In fact, JSP makes it possible to code fairly good multitiered products without ever having to code any proper Java at all -- you just have to be clever how you exploit the numerous tag libraries which exist for out.
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Perl and PHP are easier to set up on a desktop and run a rapid prototype of an application than are Java+JSP, therefore a large amount of prototyped applications and cheap and dirty hacks "out there" are done in Perl or PHP. Also due to the relative ease of installation and administration most commodity shared web hosting services support Perl & PHP vs. relatively few for Java-based solutions.
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