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Outsourcing Management and Governance
Why and How Outsourcing Management and Governance is Critical to Outsourcing Success?
Asked by Anisha Das | Sep 10 2019 | Report this Report abuse
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Organizations undertaking information technology and business process outsourcing typically are very focused on "doing the deal." This involves assessing service providers, determining geographies from which to source services, developing contracts, defining service levels, and a myriad of other tasks. Yet arguably the hardest part of outsourcing occurs only after the deal is done—performing ongoing outsourcing management and governance.
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Outsourcing management and governance (OM/G) is all
about preserving and enabling the “intent” of an outsourcing
effort, the reason an organization chooses to outsource
selected processes.The intent of the
deal impacts everything from the structure of the contract,
to the type of client-service provider relationship, to the
design of the governance operating mode
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