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Marketing your business using Social Networking Technologies
How to Marketing our business using Social Networking Technologies?

Using social networking to attract customers is another method to market and there are numerous ways to do this. Some are more relevant to consumer type business and others to consultative business models.
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ya,, this time is very impotent in the field of technology,
manu of technology trends are completing,now
An IT conference nearly always provides the opportunity for some navel-gazing about the future role of the CIO
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The Fishing Analogy
Twitter – The Bait
Twitter is a micro blog restricted to 140 characters which can include abbreviated links to a web site. With Twitter you attract followers and can follow others.

The Linkedin method
Linkedin is a professional niche social networking site where you can connect with professional colleagues, meet new people, find recommended services and find new contacts in your current network. It is a not a mass market broadcasting tool such as described in the fishing analogy.

The Facebook Approach
With Facebook announcing 500 million users globally can you afford to ignore it? The jury is still out but it is one to watch and if you are in the consumer end of the market then you should seriously consider it
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