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Information Technology Governance
How does Information Technology Governance is playing an important role in different kinds of sectors?
what is the role of Information Technology Governance?
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In IT governance Some of the most
challenges and concerns are:

1).Aligning IT strategy with the business strategy

2).Providing organizational structures that facilitate the implementation of strategy and goals

3).Insisting that an IT control framework be adopted and implemented
Measuring IT's performance

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Yes i am agree with your sentences.
IT is essential to manage transactions, information and knowledge necessary to initiate and sustain economic
and social activities.
IT governance as a concept is emerging for the last few years and will soon take center-stage on everything we
do related to IS/IT. Some of the new laws that are enacted in US and other countries made things much more
complicated for organizations
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The most important thing is that the Governance as a tool to effectively manage an organisation’s
information technology infrastructure,
which is taking lot many responsibilities,

Information Technology has come a long way in the last 6 decades, initially with huge analog systems and then
to powerful mainframes based on semi-conductor technology and later to micro-processor based desk top
systems in early 80s to current network and grid computing.
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