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CIO's roles and responsibilities
What is CIO's roles and responsibilities and How its have expanded and evolved in the past year.
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CIO responsibilities in IT brokering and budgets

When Abdullah Haydar stepped into the role of chief technology officer at Open Dealer Exchange LLC two years ago, he surveyed the IT landscape of the Troy, Mich.-based automobile finance company and saw an opportunity.

He would refashion his department into a lean, agile group that facilitated and managed the use of external cloud services and internal offerings as a cohesive services organization.
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We investigated how the CIO's job has changed over the past years and found that the CIOs' role has evolved to reflect both the firm's IS infrastructure and strategy. This has led to two versions of the role: an executive-level manager focused on the firm's strategy and processes, and a technical manager focused on minimizing costs by rationalizing and leveraging the existing IS infrastructure. The degree to which a firm has standardized its IS architecture infrastructure, and the degree to which IS enables core products, services, processes, or competitive advantage of the firm impact the nature of the role.
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The CIO's role in IT staff development

IT organizations and their underlying IT skill sets face a fundamental change in their roles and sources of value. That’s the conclusion of The Corporate Executive Board Co.'s research report, "The Future of Corporate IT," which surveyed executives at 127 enterprise organizations.
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