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CIOs role in ensuring god corporate governance
What is the CIOs role in ensuring god corporate governance and what actions does this require them to take?
Asked by Pushkal Garg | Sep 10 2019 | Report this Report abuse
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they should take a lead in ensuring good corporate governance by working to set proper controls and lower the risk to their organization. If governance isn't being thought about and planned on now, then the organizations will be at risk. Someone should lead - and CIO's or CSO's would be normally tasked with role.
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The CIOs role is twofold when it comes to Corporate Governance. They should be a supporter/partner in non-IT related governance. In that capacity they should champion technical solutions that improve the company’s ability to meet its governance responsibilities in a cost effective manner. Their second role is that of champion in meeting corporate governance around the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of Corporate, Employee, Customer and Regulatory information.
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The CIO should be the bastion of corporate governance putting in place processes, technology and awareness programs that allow the organization to operate with a minimum of risk of exposure. An effective CIO will proactively and regularly meet with stakeholders and set expectations for having an effective program in place. Good corporate governance requires a general acceptance of definitions
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