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Suresh A. Shanmugam

"IT Leadership and Career Development "

Suresh A. Shanmugam
Head - BITS
Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Group
Suresh is Head - BITS, Mahindra &  Mahindra Financial Services Group. MMFSL has currently Rs.103, 290 million assets worth under management (AUM) up 21% over previous year balance sheet with 600 branches spread across the country. Suresh A Shanmugam (SAS) is the Head of Business Information Technology Solutions (BITS)of Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited (MMFSL- group), the Company which is in the business of financial services for the last 21 years.  SAS has been associated with MMFSL from 13.02.1998* SAS is with Mahindra Group for the past 14* years. SAS is having overall 21* years of IT/IS experience.SAS believes in innovation often sparks brightest in tough times

Corporate Customer Care=Solutions Support Service provide high quality deliverables at affordable time that aims to "enhance the competitiveness"

Technology is another key differentiator at MMFSL. Our alliances with best-of-breed technology partners ensure proactive, on demand support to meet our growth in rural, environmental challenge as well as the continuous development of our systems infrastructure and delivery channels to achieve superior standards of customer service.


• To deploy Robust Scalable customer centric solutions at affordable cost.
• Driving business agility in turbulent all times.
Team Leadership
• To ensure the roles on leadership, as per corporate and competitive strategy of Mahindra Finance to research & serve technology to rural India and to get the best practice through globalization.
• Use Respect in Interactions with Others. (service)
• Be Direct and Clear In Communication. Make yourself available. (awareness and clear communication)
• Challenge Convention. Use Wisdom In Thought.  (listen, apply yourself)
• Question Proactively.  (redundancy and recovery)
• Simplify and Eliminate Waste. (take it easy & remove the unwanted)
• Express Quality in All Deeds.  (passion)
• Act on Purpose.  (defined execution)
• Be Efficient and Timely.  ( accurate and duration derived deliverables)
Keep commitments. (goals)

Being Collaborative business leader and inspiring BITS manager while partnering closely with the business is vital, high growth bits realize the importance of honing and applying BITS expertise jot just their own but that of the entire BITS management.

Inspiring BITS staffs create a work setting that enables the professional growth of BITS staff. Where they can demonstrate high technical literacy that earns the respect of their technical thought leaders. Strong Hardware networking provides learning opportunities that also meet the needs of the business and technology.

Traditionally BITS personnel’s made it a priority to build only for BITS system skills many now see the need for increase businesses acumen as well. We have already initiated BITS staff to the business units to develop their skills to deploy and organize it in a systematic way to solve business technology
(BIZ Techno) problems.

 BITS Strategy is a tough nut to crack. But seamless demand based BITS strategies change the value potential of the organization. And the perceptions of BITS held by the rest of the business. BITS strategy is one of our key responsibilities.
We would like to thank many of our other functions and departments in specific the individual’s interest towards technology usage, which generously contributed their insights and experiences to the value of the right purpose and demand to ensure the empowerment of latest BITS automation using the available infrastructure through affordable latest technology solutions. Strategy sets the potential business value of our BITS, Strategy is both much simpler and much harder than most all people realize by the time impact is huge. It is simply about achieving clarity on how our enterprise will win and what capabilities it needs or requires at all areas to achieve such competitive task, it is about achieving our goals. BITS strategy is about how BITS will help guide our financial enterprise at rural to win.

This breaks down into BITS guiding the business strategy, and BITS delivering on the business strategy. Although some or all tasks involved in creating the BITS strategy may be separate, and there are normally separate documents, BITS strategy it is an integral part of the business strategy—not something separate that is “aligned” with business strategy to create brief, business-success-focused documents, that are later leveraged into specific communications for different take over to ensure the responsibility to deliver the best results focused on only business success.

On demand, better controls and timely delivery enable business capabilities through BITS with fixed principles governance and financial management and metrics to support our organization to migrate to support the business capabilities and rural impact of speed and reach empowering the executives at last mile to meet the business needs and strategic approach to sourcing. Using strategic models we can activate the projects and performance programs on the other side using the operating model the other elements like financial, technical and people resources train, educate and empower to achieve our results timely.

Initially such originated domain specific to our process and procedures focus on providing efficient and effective BITS services, when you focus more towards competitiveness then it will guide and help the untapped business to attach to our prospective. We didn’t complicate our BITS strategies more conventional and boring to read and follow, using simple practical tested possible inspiring the demand business model.
It won’t perform as episodic program with more papers as outcomes, but as improvising and enduring conversation with frequent communications and awareness within our organization. One of our communications such as video and animation, which made easy to approach sound more light to share the concepts which was used in the strategy, which got the enterprise to act strategically.