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Daljit Singh Sodhi

"Data loss prevention solution could help you discover, monitor, and protect your data."

Building an effective DLP programme
Data loss prevention (DLP) is a strategy for making sure that end users do not send sensitive or critical information outside of the network.

Data leakage protection is essential for today's work environment. As organizations with more distributed sites, the need for data leakage protection is higher than ever. Information security is key these days and need for organization that preserves the confi dentiality of their sensitive data through technical control & awareness tool. It can only be effective when implemented properly as a comprehensive process.

Data loss prevention solution could help you discover, monitor, and protect your data. It can give visibility into what data is confi dential, where it is stored, who is using it and for what purpose, and can help secure all your essential information.

Data loss prevention (DLP) solution will be effective only if its capable of providing content, context, and destination awareness, allowing administrators to manage who can send what information, where, and how by:
•Universal protection-Preventing data loss and securing a competitive advantage
• Managing compliance and risk
• Securing business processes

DLP does at least the following three things:
• It tries to protect from mistakes, guarding from unintentional data leaks made by people from inside the company or because of certain business processed adopted by the organizations.

• DLP also watches out from the intentional leaks made by people who want to take information for personal gain ( example : uploading confi dential fi les on outside mail’s etc )

• Lastly, DLP also helps organizations to get an information inventory of where all sensitive information is residing within the organization.

Major Benefits
• Data fl ow capture in network, monitor/blocks/ notify users and record evidences of data transaction
• Record information on data copied in storage devices protect Intellectual property
• Customization can be done as per the requirements and business needs.
• The DLP solution’s reporting capabilities also enable the security team to more effectively highlight and prioritize security incidents that need immediate attention.
• Continuous improvement process as per the environment.