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Sheetal Nepte

Sheetal Nepte

CEO and Founder
SNAB Solutions
Family Background
My dad and Mother is retired from MTNL as Manager and from ESIS as Staff resp. I have 2 elder sisters. One is Assistant Manager in UTI and other one was HR Executive. My Husband Swapnil Hajare is a Computer Engineer(VJTI), he runs IT company called Indictrans Technologies
Done Differently:
I have selected the career which i wanted to become. So currently i have my own web development company SNAB Solutions, Software Consultant, Corporate Trainer. But yes i am also interested in Chess, Carrom, Badminton, dancing, shooting, ... So if i get a chance then i would select all of them :)
Prized Accomplishment(s):
On Basis of Poly. diploma and ADCSSAA I got good job. I completed Btech while i was working in small and big org. MNC Now i am doing MBA and PGDBA, handling marriage life and running my own company SNAB Solutions consulting Training.
Career Profile:
As i am a CEO and Founder, i have to look after all the activities of the company starting from HR, Marketing, Project Manager, Sales and Advertising, software development, Testing, Training etc. While in my previous profile i was working in MNC's where i did development and managing the team.
Role Model:
I don't have any specific person as a role model, but yes my Role model is a person who struggles and come up in life by doing something different in any field using there intelligence. Who can be uniquely identified for there achievements and inspires us to do something different in our life.
Growth Strategy:
I am working hard on my company, doing advertising for my company. As my company grows i will also grow. I want to make the presence in Telecom domain (IVR, Mobile Apps). So going to start working on it.
Plans For The Future:
I wish to see myself as a renowned Women entrepreneur and work as Consultant in big organizations. I want my company to be known for IVR, web and mobile apps. I want to generate some good ideas which can be helpful to the society using my knowledge.
Required Reading:
You cant' limit the source. As day by day good writers are born and contribute there knowledge in any form. So People can google for any topic and get tremendous knowledge. They can search for best source using search engines. Wikipedia are the best for getting brief knowledge on any topic.
The Journey So Far:
I started as a Computer Faculty in Institute, then worked as Teacher in a school. I got offer from CDAC as a deployment Engineer. Joined Enterux Solutions where i researched and learned, then in People Interactive MNC. Lead in Bluemango Solutions and then joined Cox and Kings MNC. Now run my company
Advice For New Professionals:
Learn as much you can. Because after few years your knowledge will speak for you and not the number of years of experience. Research + Self Learning + Initiative + Continuous Update => Your Success
The Decisions That Matter
I took decision to join CDAC where my career took a different direction. And i left my MNC job of good package to start my own company SNAB Solutions.
Job Profile:
As i am a CEO and Founder of SNAB Solutions, i have to look after all the activities of the company starting from HR, Marketing, Project Management, Sales and Advertising, Software development, Testing, Training, Operations etc
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