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Prabhakar Rao

Prabhakar Rao

K. Mohan and Co. Exports
Insight of My Company and its IT Strategies
K. Mohan & Co. Exports is a 2 decade company who are into Garment manufacturing business. We mainly export to US & UK.  We started up with 40 systems and now grown up to couple of hundred systems with 5 factory location all connected through RF-Links.  We use Debian Linux OS with Postfix for our Mail server and an HP server running with 2007 for loading other, applications. Fast React is our Planning Tool that is used for planning our orders. Gerbers Accu Mark, CM200MT & Cut works are the softwares that are being used for Marker making and Cutting.  Around 25% of our machines r deployed as Thin Clients by using Terminal services and the rest r working with Windows XP/Win 7 OS.  The main part of our data is shared through our Windows based server & as well as couple of NAS deployed over the network.
Views on new technologies
As of now, "anywhere at any time" is the mantra & the same can be obtained by using Cloud technology which  not only increases the productivity but also helps to deploy systems as and when required, no need of going in for longtime investment and then look for benefits instead use this technology and reap the benefits immediately in the same way Virtualization of server, network or storage could help us to increase the performance.
Keeping up with Technology
I keep myself updated by attending seminars and reading few of the subscribed mails over the internet.
Team Size
Following are my team details:
IT-Hardware consisting of 6 People.
IT-Software – Consisting of 2 people.
IT-Admin 1 Person & EDP – 15 people.
Biggest Pain Point
Managing the network, Securities and added to that monitoring the network is our biggest pain.
Technology to Address Pain Points
Yes, technology would surely be helpful in addressing the above mentioned Pain Points.
Slowdown Impact on IT Innovation
In our case it was not much, as many things are yet to be deployed.
Challenges Faced
Presently, most of our database is on DOS (FoxPro). Hence, database getting corrupted & backing up online data has become a challenge.
Role of Cloud
As an individual, it is not possible to constantly monitor our security threats which are increasingly on a daily basis. If we get on to cloud, this would be taken care.
Expenses on IT Systems
Being in garment manufacturing business where IT being only a support hence we don’t have any fixed budget moreover will spend only when it is the last resource of overcoming the problem.
IT Leader – Manager First or Technologist First
In our kind of industry you need both. Manager as well as a technologist as both go hand in hand.
ROI on the Technology
Not much of deployments have been made. Hence, may not able to quote anything in specific.
Eye on Latest Technology
As of now, I am looking to move my mailing system on to the cloud.
Relationship between CIO and CEO
My CEO is aware of little bit of technology. Hence, more & more work needs to be done to create a collaborative working relationship. Moreover, in our kind of industry where IT is just a support base which takes more effort in terms of bringing new technologies.
Studying and knowing to make the right decision to implement continues to be the key role of CIOs however the way the technology is changing we should always update ourselves this is the only way to keep ourselves in demand.
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