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Mahesh Iyer

Mahesh Iyer

IT Programs and Projects Manager
Family Background
I come from a family of four, my parents, sister and me. Dad retired as the DGM of Advani Oerlikon Ltd, Bombay. Mom is a housewife. Sister is married with 2 lovely kids. My sister and I both grew up in Bombay and now live in the USA.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
Where I stand in life, today, through my own efforts.
Working Life Management:
I work as a consultant, hence my work hours are pretty much fixed, unless there is a real need to work additional hours. Hence my work and pesonal times are pretty well segregated. Once I leave office, I shut my work mind ony to turn it on when I start work the next morning.
Growth Strategy:
I take CEU (Continuing Education Units) and PDUs (Professional Development Units) as part of my profession, which is IT Project/Program Management. I also keep improvising my soft skills including Communication, People Skills, etc.
The Decisions That Matter
1) Back in 1994, in India, I resigned from my then current job, refused a couple of well paying offers & did a course on Microsoft Technologies in 1994 which landed me a job in the US. 2) In 2004, I got my PMP certificate form the PMI and moved on to become a Program/Project Management Professional.
Required Reading:
I highly recommend for those interested in Project Management. The PMP is one of the Top 10 Certificates in the world. This site has many books on various topics and their journals, Project Management Journal, PM Network and PMI Today are all valued highly.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
Project Management is 50% Science - 50% Art. It needs a combination of good technical and soft skills to become a good Project Mgr. Each project is new, so you need to continue to learn from previous experiences and also improvise on the go in order to deliver successfully. Innovate and Thrive.
Done Differently:
I would concentrate on getting a few more in-demand certifications under my belt along with an MBA in Project Management.
The Journey So Far:
My journey has had its quota of crests and troughs. It has been a journey of learning new skills, both technical and interpersonal and learning lessons from mistakes made. One thing that I have understood is that your job is as good as your boss. Best of all, I have learned to say NO when I have to.
Job Profile:
I work as a Program/Project Management Consultant. I manage multi-million dollar IT projects from end to end. My expertise is in Managing Project Processes, Project Life Cycle, Software Development Life Cycle using multiple Project Management Methodologies.
Degrees That Matter:
I recommend the following for anyone interested in a career in Project Management: Must Have: (1) PMP Certificate from the Project Management Institute. Nice to Have: (1) Risk Management Certificate from the PMI. (2) PgMP Certificate from the PMI (3) A Master's Degree in Project Management.
Plans For The Future:
I see myself heading a Project Management Office (PMO), managing Programs and Portfolios.
Advice For New Professionals:
A Bachelors or Masters Degree will help you gain a foothold in a good company. How you develop your career from thereon primarily depends on you performance and experience. Learn as much as you can on the job. Get certified in at least one of the top 10 skillsets because it will give you the edge.
Other Thoughts:
Below are the top 10 attributes of a successful Project Manager: 01. Lead By Example 02. Good Communication Skills 03. Integrity 04. Enthusiasm 05. Empathy 06. Competence 07. Ability to Delegate Tasks 08. Be Cool Under Pressure 09. Team-Building Skills 10. Problem Solving Skills
Role Model:
My role model is my Guru, Dr. Baskaran Pillai. His teachings on how to lead a 200% Life - 100% Spiritual 881984 100% Material has helped me immensely to balance both aspects of my life, thus enabling me to lead a well balance and harmonious life, devoid of stress, anxiety, frustration, anger, fear, etc.
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