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Hemanth Kumar

Hemanth Kumar

completed studies
Family Background
As am i son of my father he is a proffisionl in contracts(painting) from the lat 30 years and step down to my another imp person in my life my "mom" she is pandit in HINDI,and its the time to tlak about my brother he is working with the great company THERMAX...
Growth Strategy:
A strong leadership team is a critical component of my leadership strategy, and I seek feedback regularly from my leadership team members. By encouraging them to express divergent opinions, I feel that we achieve a better outcome.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
simply i can say you if we are going to work with the company we need to change our environment depends on the situation and company environment...
Required Reading:
If I did it right, I thought, and managed to get it some attention, some "real" ... story, and many things have changed -- particularly for the e-book industry ... After you officially publish your book, you can make changes to your cover.
The Journey So Far:
As i said u eairler,if i had work with the some company so definetly i can say how the corporate world is??
The Decisions That Matter
first thing:after completd my UGC i hav struck my foot with an axe,how to take a desision??the same time there is a recision on i thnk its better to join in the MCA,but i fighted with my parents and the other ,they are all intersted to me join in MBA,but my passion is to become s\w tester.
Working Life Management:
Work-life balance is a problem for many people. Either—anyone who works in a job that involves some kind of thinking is tempted to take work home with them. I suppose that maintaining a good balance is one of the benefits to menial shift work.
Role Model:
yeahso many people will say abt ther role model in very differnt ways,but mine is totaly role model is my friend in degree "Hareesh raman" he is such a nice communicate with the people and he's a weel passionate in life,so he always recommend me to do things in my own way he supports me.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
The time when im studing UGC,i hav elected for culturial co-ordinator by the our college is to be participate in univirsity culteral progromme, the same time we are having semister exams with the help of my gang weown the 2nd prize in university.the main thing here to say is how we manged??
Done Differently:
I think its the time for me to pull up my socks....
Advice For New Professionals:
simple quote of mine. "when the days are changing,the people will definetly change." days are going the work flow will gradullay increases so my advice is just passionate with ur work...
Job Profile:
To be a part of dynamic growing company that provides good opportunities for learning and scope for rapid growth and development and to maximize my effort for the growth of the organization and to grow with it.
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