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Ankur Dhanuka

Ankur Dhanuka

Dhanuka Agritech
Company Profile and its IT Policies
Dhanuka Agritech is a leading player in Agri-Inputsbusiness in India. Our listing in the Forbes’ ‘Asia’s 200 Best Under ABillion’ list consecutively for the year 2010 and 2011 highlights ourperformance among the 200 top-performing small and midsized enterprisesin ASIA. This shortlist came from a lot of about 13,000 publicly listedAsia-Pacific companies with Sales of uptoone billion dollars. This recognition highlights our achievements andstrides forward in a fast growing Indian and an even faster RuralIndian economy. We at present are having significant market share ofaround 6% and we are growing faster than the industry. The company has4 manufacturing units across the country and is constantly investing inworld class manufacturing facilities befitting a name of our stature.We are present Pan – India with our own distribution setup across 35locations. Our present employee strength is 1000+ employees and isgrowing at a fast clip.
Perspective on Innovative Technologies like Cloud and Virtualization
Both of these technologies are revolutionary and will change the IT scenario. The sleepless nights and torturing days of application failure, due to System failures, sometimes resolvable with thousands of known resolutions while other times, still resolvable, but from millions of unknown reasons and resolutions, will be thing of the past,with near to 100% up time of application. Better application and hardware management is what these technologies offer in laymen terms.

Keeping Pace with Latest Technologies
Magazines,reading blogs, forums, websites etc. are one of most important source of information but then our trusted IT partners are another source of updating latest technology. They know our systems, they know how we work and they know what will suite us optimally and therefore will not talk for best solution but optimal solution.
Personals in your Team
We have around 10 people.
Biggest Obstacle
Our biggest pain point is People. People are the most important asset for any organization and direct consumers of services of IT departments. We are facing the challenge to cater to their ever increasing demands of data and information, readily available in real time, where ever and how he may want to access.

Technology as a Rescue Act
Undoubtedly technology can only resolve the pain points. For this we are working on various technologies for resolution of our pains.
Decisive Role of IT during Recession
Yes.It is always easier to manage those factors which are under your own direct control. We cannot do much on Slowdown at macro level but at micro level we can at least work on Cost cutting which is directly in our own hands. Any innovation reducing the cost was actually related to IT implementation and only IT came as the rescue for companies in these tough times.
Importance of Cloud in the Organization
No, but we are evaluating cloud adoption for various of our IT initiatives.
IT Leader must be Manger or Technologist First.
According to me, IT leader has to be a manager first. Technology is all about managing. An excellent cook cannot be for sure an excellent chef. Chef can deliver the same taste over 100 preparations while Good cook cannot make sure. Chef manages his cooking through process and procedures which results in same delivery every time and all times while a cook gives his best preparations using his past experiences on to deliver good preparations but with no assurance of same taste.
Welcoming New technologies
CRM, SFA, Document Management, DR Site, Backup, ERP upgrade, IT infra upgrade considering ERP upgrade.
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