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Viraat Chatur Kothare

Viraat Chatur Kothare

Deluxe Elite Info Solutions Pvt Ltd
Family Background
my dad was in the Indian air force for a decade,and later shifted to hospitality industry for 15 years and my mom works in air India as a senior most air hostess manager for 34 years
Job Profile:
The role i play in my organisation is as a director,mostly i handle the back end and overall smooth working of the company operation in various departments and delegation of tasks, plus also handle business relations for company growth and expansion.
The Journey So Far:
the journey so far has been streamlined over the couple of years,keeping a balance in both personal goals and company prospects goals is a challenging tasks,but love to accept challenges in life,meeting all sorts of people who are both professional and unprofessional level.
Advice For New Professionals:
advice for professionals entering the workforce, is today need to be a par in terms in extra circular activities and improvisation of existing skills, and gain extra knowledge of the industry and hone for extra learning and different skiils, in terms of overall development
Working Life Management:
manage my work life balance by segregation of tasks and dividing it based on their frequency and priority basis, and also weekends also keep it a point to travel to some new destination or place to hang out and chill.the funda is work harder, party harder.
Plans For The Future:
i see myself in the couple of years from now would be handling global operations and managing expansion of our company growth in diverse verticals,development of more than 100 applications in software and mobile.accomplishment of my personal goals and fulfilling my entrepreneur dreams.
Required Reading:
some of he books and websites i would recommend for upcoming professional in my industry would be the saas edge by sahil parekh,and the award goes to...,books by afaqs and websites like,watblog,medianame,alootechie,,techcircle,vccircle to name a few.
Role Model:
the role model inspired me was Leonardo da Vinci,a visionary who contributed so much in so many different fields and providing a brilliance performance in all aspects of professionalism to it,even after centuries,people still remember him of various industries.apart from the mona lisa painting
Prized Accomplishment(s):
the accomplishment that i am proud of is being a 2 time limca book of records holders in hobbies and arts, and in process f development of more than 100 application in 9 different domains is my aim and target for this year. Certification in Finance Fundamentals by Brianna Foundation. Certification in Email Marketing by Email Vidya. Certification in Social Media Marketing by IAMAI Selected top 15,cloud computing quiz program by Mumbai IIT,Pro Certification in Mobile Marketing by Afaqs Certification in Cost effective Marketing by IMET Certification in Building a successful Business Venture by IMET
Changes In The Professional Environment:
the professional environment changed from the time joined, is that need to give importance to technology,being aggressive at core in terms and marketing and promotion.keeping everyone updated of company and individual accomplishments,and also learnt,onlygiveworktothosepeoplespecialistintheirownfield
Growth Strategy:
To ensure, i continue to grow and develop as a leader is being attending various workshops and seminars and learning new information,meeting with people in the industry,undertake training courses to enhance my skills.Being member of various organisations and groups to receive help and support.
Degrees That Matter:
degrees,certification recommend for my career would be masters in computer science, Microsoft certified technologies specialist certifications.NIIT 3 year software course GNIIT.
Done Differently:
if i had to start my career all over again,i would be a serial entrepreneur from the very beginning and keep a logfile cf all activities and innovative ideas in different spheres had i known about entrepreneurship from the beginning.
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