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Rajneesh Jain

Rajneesh Jain

Founder Director
Corem Sales Consulting P Ltd
Job Profile:
Over 18 years, working for companies like IBM, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Ingram Micro etc, I performed various roles in Sales : Sales Leadership, Strategic Sales, Direct Sales and ,Business Development & Marketing. In July, 2013 I launched Corem Sales Consulting which helps companies to build “Sales Engines” and also impart powerful professional selling skills to entrepreneurs and sales professionals. Corem Sales Consulting's Services to "EMPOWER THE CORE" are : ✔ Startup Sales Structures & Business Model Consulting – Direct/Indirect/Online ✔ Sales Consulting for Growing Business ✔ NexGen Sales Skills Workshops – Basic & Advanced Sales Skills ✔ Corem Sales Academy - For University Students ✔ NextGen Corem Services – Video Sales Letters, Brand Building & Internet Sales Strategies Whether you are a start-up or organization in operation for years, we will work with you to put the sales engine in place or uncover the changes you need to make to see significant measurable sales improvement
Done Differently:
I would have started online business immediately if I had knowledge then.
Plans For The Future:
I see Corem providing online mentoring and coaching to Start Ups, Growing Businesses and running practical field relevant education for University students.
Contribution to the field
Multiple Awards and Recognition for Sales Achievement throughout the career. Building businesses with high profitability from scratch to multi-million $ levels. In the 1st year of Corem, executed 6 projects successfully and conducted multiple workshops for 50+ sales professionals.
The Decisions That Matter
Taking the Sales Training in the beginning of the Career. Moving to Ingram Micro and built Sun Microsystems from the scratch. Getting into concept sales in IBM. Moving to Sun Microsystems to build their business for the country. Starting Corem Sales Consulting P L, with a Vision to empower growing companies and startups, as well as the next generation of sales professionals. Internship with Christopher Howard, Rock House Inc.
The Journey So Far:
With Ingram Micro, I built Sun Microsystems and Enterprise business from technically zero levels to multi-million Dollars, and grew from a local profile to National Sales Manager. I learnt not only the high-end enterprise business but also the Channels, MNC work-culture, Sales Leadership under able leaders, running the business like an entrepreneur.
In IBM, the role was more to sell the strategy and build ecosystem around it. Here also, I was able to take initiative to multi-million $ levels from scratch.
In Sun Microsystems, the responsibility was to build the business in untapped verticals and geo. The proudest moment was when I found self among the top 7% sales professionals across the globe who were awarded for the unprecedented levels of business revenue contribution.
First year in Corem Sales Consulting was full of excitement and sense of accomplishment seeing companies achievement. Successfully built sales engines for 7 growing companies and trained 50 Sales
Role Model:
Christopher Howard - for his commitment towards his profession to empower individuals. Ryan Deiss - for his knowledge and Value he gives for the investment you make.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
Seeing the sales transformation of the companies and individuals, achieving unprecedented levels of revenues. It always gives satisfaction when I see individuals overcoming the mental barriers, committing to their personal growth, acquiring powerful mindsets and raising the levels of their skills and accomplishments.
Required Reading:
How to Win Friends & Influence People, Dale Carnegie How to Master the Art of Selling, Tom Hopkins Influence The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert B. Cialdini
Career Profile:
Responsibility is to first Analyse the current situation, understand the current ways of business operations, understand the challenges, the bottlenecks. It also includes understanding the sales force. Second phase is to help : 1. Build the simple sales processes, 2. Operate, Validate & Improve the approach, 3. Stabilize and make it efficient and, 4. Transfer the Sales Engine to the client's team. Third Phase is to help building the Brand, and depending upon the products/services, reach the target market through all possible routes to market. Online Sales Strategy is critical ingredient where the normal website is converted into lead generation engine, the video sales letters are developed to evoke interest, email marketing strategy, SEO and Social Media plan and other strategies to enhance the reach and enable the companies sales engine ready to scale up.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
The Internet is influencing the market and buying behavior. The one who is not learning & integrating online strategy in the personal career plans or business growth strategy will cease to exist in next few years. The decreasing opportunities to give human face to selling is increasing challenges for sales professionals and organizations. One who can quickly align to these changes will survive.
Degrees That Matter:
Basic Corem Sales Skills Certification Advanced Corem Sales Skills Certification
Family Background
My father worked for BHEL Bhopal, mother is a housewife. Have a younger brother and an elder sister. Married to a software professional and father of a 14 year old son.
Growth Strategy:
I am in touch with some of the most powerful global leaders in Sales, Personal Growth and Online businesses, Christopher Howard, Ryan Deiss, Eben Pagan, Jeff Johnson, Ramanujam K, and others. I ensure that I am investing regularly on my Personal Development, Education/Knowledge and Skills to ensure that I could show Value to my customers and students.
Professional Strengths:
Sales Acumen Practical Planning & Execution Quick understanding of business challenges Solution oriented approach Knowledge Perseverance Determination Commitment to Excellence Service Value to the Customers
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