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Pranay Patadiya

Pranay Patadiya

Founder & Director
Scalsys Technologies Pvt Ltd
Contribution to the field
- I am found of trying new things. I am always looking something new, develop it and contribute to the communities.
Growth Strategy:
- The first thing you have to trust and believe yourself. Yes there are many things come in life may be its positive also negetive. But just keep trying and there will always a solution. - I am continually in contact with my customer, my team, hosting events, attending events. The main thing is that you have to aware about new things coming every day as much as you can. As we are in IT industry so always everyday there is something new in the market so you have to have knowledge of that and time by time you have to adapt them to grow your company and yourself. So the "Mantra" is be in the market, lead the market and adapt the market.
Degrees That Matter:
Master in Computer Science or similar master degree is required to understand the computer industry and additionally you have to have managerial experience about 5-6 years to be an owner and manage the team.
Professional Strengths:
- Communication and Leadership, I think I have built that strongest in me. As a Director I have to be in the top in sales and marketing strategies which includes Customer Communication, Brand Marketing, Event management etc.
Career Profile:
I am executing role of Director currently which includes a lot activity single time, like Managing management team, managing sales team, manage client communication, generating new leads, you have to be in the market for that we have to attend public seminars, sessions and also sometime have to host some seminars. This role totally different than a previous role as previously I was only module or project lead so management only limits to project. But currently we have to be very, very pro-active for company growth in this competition.
The Decisions That Matter
Quit a job and started own company is the best decision and turning point of my life. As per the current scenario its tough to survive without any product as the service offering company. You have to have up to the mark. So believe in yourself and find your inner strength and just do smart, hard work which will give you best ever results.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
- We were awarded highly by one of customer with many gifts and they are the biggest bank in the world. So that is due to good team work and management otherwise we cant achieve that. So to recieve excellence award from them is the best moment for ScalSys and me.
Working Life Management:
- Everything has to be well planned. Still in your life some things are uncertain or not planned. So I am always keeping some buffers between meetings. That gives me the time to recharge for next.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
- I changed many things, I gave total freedom to the employees. I am sports loving person so introduce different sports activities in organizing. Due to sports activities people/employee are coming together and knowing together and they are improving as a team. I introduce the "Mantra" of let the employee do whatever they want and we just want our work by providing them full freedom. - I started program for award to boost employee and start application on every big or small success of the employee. - Our main assets are our employees so our plan is to make them happy and they make us happy.
The Journey So Far:
- I have started in IT industry as a trainee after completion of my engineering. That first experience is totally different for me as I was entering into a new corporate world after completing education. I learnt a lot technically and corporate strategies.
- Then I started as Jr Software developer there. But I was quite unsatisfied there as they could not utilize our skills right way. So I changed the job then and start a new job with a very well established company.
- That job change is the best decision for me and my career I think. Because I got boosted my career with them. As we were working on current open source technologies. I learnt a lot. They gave me chance to lead team and I completed many projects successfully.
Then I realize that I can handle projects, client and manage them well so I thought I should start something and I strongly want to work for me completely. So I started ScalSys and till today we are growing.
Role Model:
I inspired by Steve Jobs and Mahatma Gandhi. The journey of their life is really interesting and inspiring.
Job Profile:
I am working as Director which is committed to many activities in the organization. Like, Lead Generation, Customer Relations and Communications, branding, marketing, managing management etc.
Plans For The Future:
- I want to provide an best example by "ScalSys", of employee satisfaction and customer service.
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